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FAQs About the Rockstar Learning Platform

What is the Rockstar Learning Platform?
Is the Rockstar Learning Platform an LMS or LXP, and what’s the difference between them?
What makes The Rockstar Learning Platform different from other LMS and LXP products?
What are the technical requirements?
How is my content backed up?
Do you accept external integrations into the system?
Does the Rockstar Learning Platform integrate with Lectora and CenarioVR?
Which eLearning content library integrations are available within The Rockstar Learning Platform?
If I’m already using BizLibrary, can I import all of those existing courses?
Does The Rockstar Learning Platform support eCommerce or offer third-party integrations for eCommerce?
Can I white-label the platform with custom branding?
Does the Rockstar Learning Platform support multiple office locations and portals?
How long does it take to implement the Rockstar Learning Platform and get my team up and running?
What comes with my Rockstar Learning Platform account?
How do I set up automated enrollments?
How do I find out about what’s coming next and the latest releases?
How Do I get set up with a free account?
How do I upgrade or enhance my account with premium features?
What are professional services, and do I need them?
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