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FAQs About CenarioVR®

Your Account & Plan

What is CenarioVR?
How do I access CenarioVR?
How do I activate my account?
How do I reset a password?
How many scenarios can I create?
How many learners can I share my scenarios with?
Is my content within CenarioVR backed up?
Can I connect Lectora/Lectora Online/Reviewlink with CenarioVR?
Are academic and military discounts available?

Viewing & Sharing

How can I view CenarioVR content?
How do learners/viewers access CenarioVR?
Can I share a scenario with a co-worker?
Can I publicly or privately share my content?

Getting Started & Specs

What types of media does CenarioVR recommend?
What is an equirectangular image?
Do you support 4K video?
Where can I get a 360 video or image to use?
How do I begin creating a scenario?
What formats can I publish to?
Can I grade my scenario?
What kind of analytics can I gather from my scenarios?
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