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learning, accelerate results, & maximize performance. Game on!

Arcades, a learning experience platform, provides a robust analytics dashboard to help you make better human capital management decisions. Measure KPIs and detailed performance metrics that help you to predict top performers—both individually and on a group basis.

Arcades offers a robust set of features.

By upgrading your Training Arcade® subscription with the Arcades gamification platform, you’ll be giving learners the opportunity to collaborate and compete with one another as individuals and as groups.

Solo Play
Excite your audience with a variety of games including JEOPARDY!®, Wheel of Fortune®, Trivia, Jump, Match, Scenarios, Scramble, Recall, Sort It, and Detective.
Battle Mode
Challenge teammates with head-to-head battles using our new multiplayer capability. Pick a game, select your opponent, and let the games (and learning) begin!
Team Play
Assign players to teams and have teams compete to earn the top leaderboard spot. Additional Experience Points (XP) await the 1st place team at the end of a time period.
Launch Daily/Weekly/Monthly Missions, like a “Beat the Boss” Mission that challenges you to beat your boss’s score, to amplify engagement and excite your team.
A Journey is a collection of two to eight stages that allow for a wide array of learning content including games, videos, PDFs, web links, SCORM files, and images.
We use mini games like Spin-to-Win to draw players in to encourage repeat visits/play. This fosters a playground for learners to practice, play, and repeat.
Player progress is tracked in individual games as well as in Battles, Journeys, and Activities. Leaderboards showcase top performers and players to compete.
Players earn badges and recognition for accomplishments including achieving streaks and high scores, winning battles, unlocking content, etc.
Our prize engine awards prizes for reaching higher levels and earning top scores. Prizes can range from gift cards to real-world cash.
Track, analyze, and export a range of trends and metrics across the key categories of Engagement, Frequency, and Accuracy for actionable insights.
Experience Points (XP)
Player interactions help players earn XP. Gaining XP improves the player’s global leaderboard standing and drives “Level Up” toward new prizes, encouraging replay.
Notifications are available inside an Arcade to alert players when they have earned Achievements, qualified for Prizes, and when Battles are started and concluded.

Motivate learners with contests, challenges, & incentives.

Between dynamically changing leaderboards, live scores, prizes, and badges of honor, everyone will recognize your most valuable players!

Increase frequency with greater accuracy.

Gamification has been proven to boost engagement, reinforce knowledge, and increase learning retention. When employees are enticed to keep coming back for more, additional interactions and repeat visits will make a difference.

Schedule a demo now to get a behind the scenes look at the analytics dashboards in Arcades, plus see how easy it is to customize your gamified learning destination.

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