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July 26 – 27, 2022

Meet CourseMill®—your learning & development workhorse.

Designed for Global Learners

GDPR-compliant, accessible, and available in multiple languages.

Manage Compliance & Certifications

Tailor Content to Diverse Learners

Deliver Self-paced eLearning

Customized Reports & Analytics for BI

Incredible Security

Facilitate Formal & Informal Learning

Put learners front & center.

user-friendly interface

Mobile-friendly & cloud-based platform

Effective & convenient learning strategies

Microlearning support

Timely notifications & calendar view

Organized dashboard to track progress

course management.

Add, edit, share, and package courses.

Organize assets & deliver self-paced training.

Certify learners for designated time periods.

Onboard over 100,000 learners in a single instance.

Painless LMS migration to get up & running in no time.

Flexible course structure.

From self-directed to automated enrollment, you & your learners succeed

Support & sell more courses with a custom-branded eCommerce interface

Organize courses including non-SCORM training materials

Manage & structure user permissions

learning management

Gateway to stellar insights & learning analytics through custom, pre-built, and advanced reports

Measure impact through micro & macro-level data

Quantify learning KPIs & data (operational & external)

Are you ready to join the trusted club?

70% of Coursemill clients are Fortune 500 enterprises across 125 countries.

All 5 military branches & 43 state government entities choose the CourseMill LMS.

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