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ELB Learning’s Experts Can Help You Create a Custom Corporate Training Program That Gets Results

Custom Learning Solutions

Corporate staff training and development is beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. From Onboarding and Compliance to DEI and Cybersecurity, training and learning must seamlessly drive behavior change from the start. With a diverse cohort of learners and business needs to keep up with a dynamic economy, are you struggling to get it all done?

ELB Learning will help you build better learning experiences through custom eLearning solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Thorough needs analysis

Exceptional instructional design

Innovative use of technology

Engage learners and foster a vibrant learning culture

Interactivity options from foundational to Level 4 for an immersive experience

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Custom Learning Games

According to a recent study done by LinkedIn Learning, one of the top 4 pain points Learning and Development professionals struggle with is knowledge retention. So how do you ensure your training is sticky? Certainly not with passive traditional training!

Games are well-suited to support retention in learning because they:

Push learners to take in information and use it to make decisions

Provide a practice playground, allowing learners to fail safely

Make the training more fun and motivate learners to want to return again and again to improve their scores

The Game Agency, a division of ELB Learning, has 15+ years of developing gamified training solutions and can build you the perfect game to take your training to the next level.

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Learning Strategy

With an increasingly competitive business landscape, complex technology, and a greater focus on workplace culture, L&D professionals have a lot of training to create. Investments in skilling, upskilling, collaboration, and leadership have never been more important.

As your learning partner, ELB Learning can help you:

Address your unique challenges

Curate a learning framework best suited for your learners and goals

Deliver engaging training that meets your learning objectives

We’ll help you architect the right learning experiences while achieving L&D form and functionality. Let us do all the heavy lifting to show ROI and business impact on your learning initiatives.

Need freelance contractors?

Let Our L&D Staff Augmentation Team Find You the Just-Right Talent to Get the Job Done

Staff Augmentation

While “quiet-quitting” and “hiring freeze” might sound like clickbait, the data indicates that employment uncertainty will continue.

Successful businesses know they need backup plans for the future. Outsourcing and staff augmentation have proven to offset the challenges associated with employee turnover.

Our network includes the best:

Instructional Designers

Learning Experience Designers

Project Managers

Learning Strategists

LMS Experts

Creative Talent

And More

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Whether you have a compact team or too many projects to manage, contractor placement services deliver results that matter today. Speak with our staffing experts, tap into our global talent pool, find the right candidates, and conquer your L&D goals for the year.

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