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Do I need to hire a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator?

Whether it’s to get your LMS to function as the L&D workhorse or help with integration and maintenance for the long haul, an expert LMS Administrator is the person you need on your team. The hard truth is that your LMS doesn’t run itself!

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LMS Administrators can help get the most out of your LMS investment.

LMS Administrators Have The Technical Expertise

Every LMS is a tool to enhance learning and reporting for organizations. They are each unique in functionality, deliverables, and challenges. A learning management system administrator has specific skill sets to help you set up and power the LMS as intended for your organization. They have the expertise to troubleshoot and customize.

LMS Administrators Can Administer Automation

Your LMS doesn’t run itself! One of the key reasons for investing in a learning management system is to access deep insights, metrics, and analysis of learning courses. An LMS Administrator can help you automate mundane tasks like enrollments, registrations, course completion, and reviews, as well as generate records and reports from your LMS in an instant.

LMS Administrators Can Keep Your Data Secure

Your LMS is a treasure trove of data. Employee information, skill levels, learning paths, company information, customized curricula, and courses are all at risk of a safety breach. A learning management system consultant has critical cybersecurity awareness and the know-how to keep your data secure and private on the platform, at all times.

LMS Administrators Can Save You Time & Money

Hiring a learning management system consultant can reduce learning administration costs. Automation of administrative tasks, evaluation, troubleshooting speedblocks, and more require a lot of time and money. An LMS Administrator can ensure L&D plans progress and come to fruition without costing more money.

Here’s How An LMS Administrator Can Set You Up For Success

Integration & Customization

One of the first crucial steps for any L&D team, a learning management system administrator will help set up the system and integrate the LMS with other tools and systems used by the organization to streamline the process. In some instances, an already implemented LMS needs a few updates or changes to be more effective. Careful management of updates and customizations are critical to avoid breaking other workflows. The look and feel of your LMS to reflect your current corporate aesthetic is also done by the LMS Administrator—dashboard, navigation, accessibility, and beyond.

Optimize Learning Experience for Users

An LMS Administrator will organize projects to make the courses cohesive, making it easier for the learner to navigate through. An intuitive user dashboard navigation contributes to enhanced motivation and engagement with learning content. Simplified and easy access to personalized learning paths is another step towards better outcomes. Learning management system consultants can also ensure the right people have access to the right courses and materials, through efficient enrollment and registration of users.

Data Management

Administrators utilize the LMS analytics tools to track user progress, assess the effectiveness of courses, and generate reports for management. Overseeing backend and frontend functionalities of the LMS and ensuring the security and confidentiality of user data within the LMS is a critical deliverable of an LMS Administrator. Learning management system consultants are also tasked with identifying and resolving any security threats and maintaining procedures for safety and integrity of systems.

Compliance & Problem Resolution

LMS Administrators monitor and track employee training to ensure that the organization is compliant with industry regulations and internal policies. Implementation and enforcement of policies related to user behavior, content standards, and usage guidelines are all activities that need specific attention and are expertly delivered by an LMS Administrator. Further, they have technical skills to troubleshoot common issues, assist users with problems, and collaborate with IT support to ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

Consistency & Functionality

A learning management system consultant ensures that all types of employee training through the LMS deliver a consistent level of training quality. All training resources are assessed for consistency and are delivered through personalized learning paths.

Content management such as course creation, accuracy, regular maintenance, and revisions that keep the LMS from functioning at an optimal level comes under the purview of the LMS Administrator.

Whether your organization already uses an LMS or will be adopting a new one, the subsequent integration and facilitation is a constant and continuous activity that needs expert knowledge.

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