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Utilize unique features to increase the effectiveness of your training programs.


Give learners the ultimate training test; only ONE attempt at responding is allowed.


Create intelligent paths leveraging AI to track the learner’s progress and provide personalized feedback based on their performance.


Allow teams to practice their responses with audio-only scenarios, which is ideal for those using Voice over IP (VoIP) services.


Learners can easily record their screens while giving presentations or product demos as a part of their responses.

Guided Learning with the Power of Mentor AI

With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can configure assignments to automatically evaluate learner responses to provide both immediate feedback and progression.

Use AI to identify and analyze any of the following in a learner’s video:


Key Points


Call to Action


Average pace

Word count

Total time spent

Time Spent Talking

Time Spent Paused/Quiet

Number of Questions Asked

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These features provide key points, a transcript summary, a call to action, a complete transcript, and additional AI metrics for every learner’s submission. All features available in both mobile and desktop applications.

One way to leverage the brilliance of AI-based training is to include a list of keywords learners should or should not mention. You can also set the number of times a keyword should be used in a response.

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Practice. Log. Track. Repeat.

Practice is critical for achieving consistent and effective job performance in any situation such as product demos, sales pitches, presentations, or instances warranting empathy and leadership.

With Rehearsal, learners can be assigned video- or audio-based assignments where they respond by recording themselves to prove and document their skills. Learners can record themselves on any device and practice as many times as they’d like before submitting their response for review.

On average, learners take more than 5 attempts before submitting their video!

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Coaching with Personalized Feedback

Mentors can leave timeline-based comments and/or final grades on each learners’ response. In addition, they can prompt learners to respond to an assignment again if their response is not satisfactory. This personalized approach gives mentors the flexibility to provide customized feedback to meet a learner’s specific needs.

Video/Audio Transcripts in Multiple Languages

Transcripts are generated from words identified in uploaded/submitted video and audio files, making it easier to read and follow along.

Rehearsal offers multiple languages video and audio transcriptions can be translated to. This allows each learner and mentor to read transcripts in their native tongue.

Supported Video/Audio Transcription: English (Australian, British, USA), French, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (simplified), Hindi, and Thai.
Supported User Interface (UI): English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, and Russian.

Team Leaderboards

With the Leaderboard feature, learner submissions are ranked based on progress and performance while learners like, comment, and vote for their favorites. This competitive, friendly environment helps motivate other learners and recognizes employees who give the best assignment responses.

Leaderboards also give learners the opportunity to learn from their peers by getting access to the highest-ranked submissions.

Premium Features

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Dedicated Channels

Leveraging peer-review, Channels provide your team with an area to post, share, and comment on each others’ content. Giving your team a place to ask questions and the ability to share best practices, winning examples, and how-to videos, promotes organic collaboration within your organization. Plus, leadership can post important messages and monitor discussions for trends.

For more sensitive matters, Channels can be made private and posts can require moderator approval.

Advanced Reporting

Easily monitor which learners have completed their assignments/scenarios and who is falling behind. See the percentage of mentors who have provided feedback, and export comprehensive data for deeper insights.

Directly integrate all raw learner or mentor data with your LMS/LXP using Rehearsal’s API.

Customize and configure reports to address specific needs.

Users: Who’s using Rehearsal? See profile information, roles, affiliated assignments, programs, and more.

Scenario Activity: Track your learners’ performance across scenarios. See the types of feedback given, the status of a conversation, and more.

Aggregated Assignments: See the progress of all assignments, including the number of assigned scenarios a learner has completed.

Channels Activity: Discover the top-rated, most referenced content. See likes, views, comments, and more.

Channels Users: See how users are benefitting from channels. Get user info, dates watched, view count, and more.

Other Advanced Features


Want to share data within or across organizations? With our API Integration, you can integrate with the LMS of your choice!


Have complete control over communication! Set up a custom SMTP to personalize your emails.


Nobody likes remembering a bunch of usernames and passwords, so why not make learning even easier? With single sign-on, your team can conveniently access Rehearsal directly from your LMS.

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