July 26 – 27, 2022

A video role-play training
platform—proven to work!

Whether it’s used as a stand-alone application or integrated with a learning platform (LMS/LXP), Rehearsal’s video-based practice and coaching platform gives employees real-time feedback from mentors, instructors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and even artificial intelligence (AI). Practice makes perfect with Rehearsal!

Practice, log, & track video performance.
Then repeat.

Practice is critical for achieving consistent and effective performance in any situation such as product demos, presentations, or instances warranting empathy and leadership.

With Rehearsal,  learners can be given video-based assignments or “scenarios” for them to prove and document their skills. Once assigned a scenario, they can record themselves on any device and practice as much as they like before submitting responses for review.

Video coaching

Mentors can prompt learners to respond again, leave timeline-based comments, or grade and close out the interaction.

This one-on-one approach allows mentors to provide private and personalized feedback and an evaluation of their performance. With Rehearsal, there are multiple ways to to designate mentors and configure assignments to match your organization’s structure.

Guided Learning with AI

Automate coaching and feedback with the power of AI.

By configuring an assignment to automatically evaluate learner responses, learners get both immediate feedback and the ability to control their progress.

Educational content can be presented to learners if their responses don’t meet certain criteria. And after reviewing the material, learners can try responding again.

Rehearsal’s Text Gate feature allows mentors to set the number of times a keyword should be used in a pitch and the learner can’t pass until they’ve reached the desired amount. This feature can also identify and analyze the following in the learner’s video:

Average pace

Word count

Total time spent

Time spent talking

Time spent paused/quiet

This functionality is especially valuable to organizations looking to scale training across a large number of topics or employees.

Collaborate with Channels

Channels provides your team a public area to post, share, and comment on each others’ videos.

Giving your team the ability to share best practices, how-to videos, and ask questions promotes organic collaboration within your organization.

Leadership can post important messages and monitor discussions for trends.

And for more sensitive matters, channels can be made private and posts can require moderator approval.


Easily monitor who’s completed their scenarios and who hasn’t, what percentage of mentors have provided feedback, and export comprehensive reports for deeper insights.

Rehearsal can also provide customized reports specific to your needs.

features to increase the effectiveness of your training programs.

Timeline-based Feedback

Mentors can leave feedback at specific time points on learners’ video responses.

Hotseat Scenarios

Give learners to the ultimate training test where only one attempt at responding is allowed.

Screen Recording

Learners can easily record their screen while giving presentations or product demos as part of their response.

Voice Analysis

Automatically analyze learner responses for the presence of keywords and adjust their path based on performance.

Platform Independent

Rehearsal works on any device—all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. We also have fully-functional iOS and Android apps.


Rehearsal currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese for video transcription and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, and Russian for the User Interface (UI).

Audio-only Responses

Allow teams who provide customer service over the phone to practice their responses with audio-only scenarios.

Stellar Customer Service

We have the best customer support in the industry (check out our G2 Reviews). From strategy to lightning-fast tech support, we are dedicated to your success.

SSO Integration

Nobody likes remembering a bunch of usernames and passwords. With single sign-on, your team can access Rehearsal directly from your LMS.

Check out our G2 Reviews.

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