Develop Custom VR Content

Experience Immersive Learning. Virtual Reality Authoring in Minutes—No Coding Required

The Easiest VR Course Creator Imaginable


Upload any 360º video or equirectangular photograph.


Add hotspots, animation, 3D objects, quizzes, and more.


Publish to the web, mobile, authoring apps, LMS, & headsets.


View live scores and a dashboard of xAPI analytics.

Upload any 360º Image or Video to Create a Scene

Capture 360º photos or video

Any 360 camera will do - even your smartphone will work!

Upload content in a few clicks

It’s easy to get started in CenarioVR!

Add interactivity with objects and actions

Add hotspots, questions, info cards, multimedia, and even 3D models into your scenario

Create interactivity by applying actions to each object such as timeline-based events

Conditional Branching

Personalize learning with variables & conditions.

Address and adapt to learners’ skill gaps by adding conditions and variables to actions

Create varied outcomes based on how learners interact with objects

Drag, Drop, & Spin Objects

Drag Items

Pick up and place “drag items” in any drop spot. Then explore and add new actions that are available when the item is picked up and dropped.

Drop Spots

Define “drop spots” as allowing single or multiple dropped objects. Then trigger actions when learners drag or drop objects in or out of the drop spot.


Make your 3D models spinnable objects to allow learners to freely move them with a mouse or controller.

Life-Like Immersive Audio

See it. Hear it. Live it.

Experience a realistic simulation by placing an audio file exactly where the learner will hear it—right, left, forward, or behind

Adjust volume for each object

Preview it by pressing play for a quick sound check

3D Objects You Can Almost Touch

Provide learners an almost “hands-on” experience in 3D.

Add any 3D object in GLB format

Rotate on its x, y, and z axes

Use 3D objects as a hotspot to trigger animated movement

Animate a 3D object to tell short stories, give product tours, or behave in a specific way

Upload a 3D object that has been pre-animated to have it play in CenarioVR®

Motion Paths

Create any path of movement for any object type—including animation of a 3D objects. Then have it appear only when in motion to track things moving in and out of the scene.

Attach Documents

Add a standard document to web-published scenarios, such as PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, and more. It will launch in a browser when using the new "Open Attachment" action.

Include Weblinks

Directly link your scenario to web pages by selecting the new "Web Link" action. The link will be opened in a new browser tab.

Share Immersive Learning

VR Courses can be shared on the web, smartphones, tablets, and headsets, but headsets are not required!

Web & Mobile Access

Lectora® & Authoring Apps

Android/ iOS App & Cardboard Headset

Lenovo Mirage S3

Pico G2, G24K, & Neo2

xAPI Tracking

Built-in LRS and xAPI data tracking features show performance via analytics dashboards in real time.

Data can be isolated for individual users/scenarios or downloaded as CSV for further mining in spreadsheets.

Net Promoter Score

How does CenarioVR compare?

Averages based on global benchmark data gathered in-app over the last year-to-date 12-month period for “How likely are you to recommend CVR to a friend or family member?”
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