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It’s Time to Prioritize Security

Assess risk, improve defenses, and make your company cyber resilient.

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is the average cost of a data breach.


of successful attacks resulted in the compromise of sensitive data.


of data breaches involved the human element.


of organizations faced a breach as a result of a remote worker.

Internet usage has increased manifold in the last 20 years, and it’s not slowing down, resulting in an increased cyber presence for organizations and individuals. But has your cyber security knowledge grown at the same pace?
Data continues to be the defining force in this era of internet, automation, and intelligence.
In today’s digital world, you must train employees on cyber security skills and take a strategic approach to ward off data breaches and protect your enterprise IT networks.

Why Cybersecurity Training?

Risk Management:

Cyber security incidents come up with a hefty price tag. With an ever-rising number of cyber attacks each year, the risk of unpreparedness and not educating your employees on cyber security is growing at an alarming rate.

Cyber-Secure Culture:

Raise your organization’s awareness and model best practices, attitudes, and behaviors towards cyber security. Collective measures infuse knowledge at all levels, reducing incidents and impact.

Data Breach Mitigation:

As cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, equipping your learners to ward off data breaches is essential. Train employees on cyber security measures and help them stay abreast of the latest threats and trends.

Cyber Resiliency:

Educating the workforce and improving preparedness provides a greater post-attack resiliency while reducing further cyber incidents. Training serves to enhance users’ analytical skills and amp up security defenses.

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What Can You Do Today?

ASSESS your people’s awareness. Your employees are your first line of defense in cyber security. Make sure they know what to look for.

UPSKILL to boost your team’s security skills and knowledge.

ESTABLISH best practices, job aids and tool-kits to raise security awareness.

INFLUENCE security behaviors among the workforce and foster a positive security culture within the organization.

ELB Learning Can Create and Deliver a Transformative Approach to Cyber Education that Addresses These Challenges

Custom Cyber Solutions

Cyber attacks are damaging to all businesses—from small to large. Through an in-depth analysis of your unique challenges, ELB Learning will create and deliver learning curriculums that are practical, engaging and retentive. Armed with the power of storytelling, instructional design strategies, scenario-based learning and game-based learning solutions, our diverse blend of custom solutions checks every box.

Consider custom cyber solutions to:

Educate a diverse audience across the length and breadth of cyber awareness and cyber security measures

Skill employees to prepare for cyber incidents, embrace best practices and activate learning

Deliver comprehensive and engaging compliance training during onboarding

Foster a cyber-secure culture through refresher courses and training updates

Gain hands-on experience with real-world cyber security measures

HackOps, the Ultimate CyberSecurity Awareness Game

This virtual reality (VR) story-based gamified course created by ELB Learning is highly engaging and rewarding for learners. Get a taste of immersive eLearning and role-play as an undercover agent to solve threats including ransomware, data exfiltration, and spear phishing.

Consider HackOps to:

Equip learners with critical skills and knowledge from the perspective of cyber attackers.

Provide a safe platform to practice learning and master skills for the real world.

Deliver a hands-on learning experience through a pre-built learning course and gain relevant skills.

Educate learners in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

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