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July 26 – 27, 2022

An authoring tool without boundaries.

Lectora® boosts productivity like you’ve never seen it! It’s the ultimate course-authoring playground—you’ll never outgrow it!

business challenges with the ultimate instructional design workflow.

With Lectora, build any type of learning course imaginable.

Ready-Made Course Frameworks

Cut development time in half with pre-built course logic and templates.

Mobile-Ready Themes & Style Packs

Instantly apply unified color schemes and styles.

Interactive Wireframe Templates

Drop templatized interactions in your course.

The Accessibility Leader

Build and deliver a better experience for all learners.

Collaborative Authoring

Work with others without losing your work (and your mind).

Desktop & Online Authoring

With both desktop and web applications available, you can what’s best for you.

Responsive Course Design

From rapid development to adaptive eLearning, your training needs are covered on any device.

Unmatched Interactivity

Easily create branching scenarios, drag and drop interactions, and more.

your content with integrated tools.

Built-in Asset Library

Set the scene with stock images, audio, video, and more. Choose from over 120 million assets to give your course the professional look it deserves.

Interactive Templates

Choose from a variety of templates, frameworks, and interactions from the Lectora Asset Library. Source files are included so you can customize anything to fit your needs.

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Engage your audience with digital scenarios and collect actionable data using this built-in tool for digital sims.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Take your learning to the next level by embedding immersive learning scenarios created in CenarioVR®.

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The Training Arcade® Games

Embed a game from The Training Arcade® directly into your learning project and enhance interactivity with new variables and actions.

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A round of applause, please.

Lectora—and courses created in Lectora—consistently win awards across the industry.

“I absolutely adore the platform and have a hard time believing that anything else will ever replace it in my eyes.”

Andy Lockwood
Auto-Owners Insurance

“In Lectora, developers can create complex interactions in minutes that would take hours in any other program.”

Domenic Caloia
Johnson Controls

“As a long-time developer I have always felt the flexibility and power of Lectora is second to none.”

“I have been a Lectora user for over 13 years and I love it!”

It’s time to conquer your business challenges with engaging eLearning. Get a free 30-day trial.

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