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Do I need to hire a Workshop Facilitator?

An external workshop facilitator can tie the whole course together and get your learners excited and motivated. A gifted facilitator will supercharge retention and application of learning.

Engage with an external facilitator to level the playing field where your learners feel heard and recognized.

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Facilitators Offer Transformational Learning Experiences

Apart from being a catalyst for meaningful growth and continuous learning, here are some of the key advantages of hiring an external workshop facilitator.

Facilitators Offer Independence and Objectivity

An external facilitator will bring an outside or fresh perspective to view the content, learning, and the environment objectively. Their contribution is unbiased and offers independent views, helping you innovate to address challenges.

Facilitators have Specialized Skills and Expertise

External facilitators often specialize in specific topics or skills. This expertise can enhance the quality of the workshop and provide participants with valuable insights that are unmatched by a generic/internal facilitator.

Facilitators Enhance Participation and Engagement

When an external facilitator is hired, employees are more likely to engage in activities and communicate with ease. They are able to create a neutral atmosphere and help participants feel more comfortable in sharing thoughts, ideas, and disagreements.

Facilitators Allow Leadership to Debate and Innovate

External facilitators are the preferred choice, especially with Leadership Development Programs. They are able to foster innovation and productive debates by offering an unbiased perspective. The quality of the program and learning outcomes are superior with an external facilitator.

Facilitators Become Mentors and Confidants

An external facilitator can act as a confidential, impartial, and independent adviser for senior leaders. They offer “out-of-the-box” thinking for sensitive issues with an unbiased and experienced professional.

Facilitators Offer Unique Expertise in Learning Design

External facilitators offer unique expertise in learning design, which can help organizations achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. They develop an extensive toolkit of proven-to-work processes, activities, and templates to achieve this purpose.

A Facilitator’s Superpower to “Read the Room”

As unbiased experts, external facilitators bring unique energy and presentation skills that significantly engage learners. They are great performers who take boring content and make it an exciting and fun learning experience. They infuse the right amount of energy to lift morale and learning.

Facilitators Offer Transformational Learning Experiences

Unique skill sets to facilitate sessions across mediums—in-person and virtual
Access to stellar off-the-shelf courseware with proven ROI for immediate use
Specific subject matter expertise, master of diverse training topics
Adept in evaluation and feedback generation
Assist L&D team with pre and post tasks like report generation and 1:1 coaching
Leverages conflict to produce powerful results

By working with an external workshop facilitator, you can benefit from their unique and fresh facilitation style that will supercharge engagement and motivation to learn. A facilitator’s expertise in leadership development programs and other niche courses like DEI is unparalleled, ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of the program.

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