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Bring your talents to ELB Learning and work on awesome projects that create better learning experiences.

Calling eLearning professionals who want to lead the learning wave into the future!

An accelerated career coupled with unique opportunities, experiences, and a zealous community of trendsetters await at ELB Learning.

ELB Learning is the most diversified learning platform and services provider in the industry today. Our comprehensive suite of products holds the fort in gamification, virtual reality, authoring tools, learning platforms, video-based practice, and everything in between.

TOGETHER, we are pushing boundaries of creativity and innovation to build custom training solutions and eLearning courses for businesses.

Our ingenious products and solutions have received industry accolades plenty, catapulting us to royalty, aka King Midas. But this is not it! We want to conquer more peaks and shape the future of eLearning experiences, and we invite you to be part of this ADVENTURE.

Here are some of Team ELB’s stellar projects.

From working with a State Department of Transportation to strengthen the national economy through innovative transportation solutions, to creating immersive mobile learning courses for an Italian luxe fashion giant, our projects transcend IMAGINATION.

Gamify Workplace Safety and Emergency Training

Develop health education for a national public healthcare system

Build a JEOPARDY!®️ training game

Gamify eLearning to drive ad sales

Design onboarding programs through asynchronous video practice

Build niche authoring tools, learning platforms, and learning

Use VR to curate equipment training programs

Design and develop a modern and exclusive VR platform

Recognized as one of the best by the best.

we are in business with.

Glass Door employment rating.

Making careers at ELB Learning

Join us to create meaningful learning experiences, as we continue to revolutionize the L&D space for businesses around the world. Make a difference and help organizations achieve their training greatness through innovative solutions while harnessing the power of technology.

Nurture, inspire, and thrive in a community that you can call HOME. Do what you love, and love what you do at ELB Learning.

“I love how valued this company make me feel! The professional, talented, and fun people I work with make each work day fun and satisfying. I also really appreciate how ELB Learning respects and supports my time as a single mother and makes it easy to balance work/life.”

Danika Gunn
UX Designer

“ELB is a great place to work because of the great people. We laugh, we cry, we create amazing things and we push ourselves to improve each day. Secretly though, I like working here because I think I look good in orange :D”

André Chatelain
VP of Custom Solutions

ELB has given me the opportunity do highly creative work with the most interesting companies and people on the planet. Interesting work with different culture and people all over the globe every day has made ELB the absolute pinnacle of my career. All my professional (and many personal) dreams have come true at ELB.

Rich Vass
VP of Learning Solutions

I like many things about working with the eLB team. 1. The management team is awesome, they like to get the job done, and have fun when doing it. They are also fair and caring to all employees. 2. Flexibility. I like the flexibility of work location, and work times when necessary. 3. Positivity in the work place environment. I like the positive atmosphere that the management team displays and encourages. There are many other reasons, but these would be my top three!

Rosie Doke
Director of Sales Operations

I love working with ELB learning for the ample learning opportunities and cohesive atmosphere at work. The efforts taken are recognized and aptly appreciated.

Gayathri Devi C
VP of Custom Solutions

“A passion for growth” -  is what inspires me the most about our eLB leaders

Manoj Bharali
Manager - LMS & Lab Services

Working at ELB Learning is like working on a great movie set. Everyone supports each other as we help our clients shine. The end result is a blockbuster production!

Domenic Caloia
Sales Engineer - RLP & Rehearsal

Quality of leadership, work-life balance, great co-workers. It has been a fantastic experience building a career with ELB Learning, and the opportunities here continue to expand.

Zach Batty
Director of Professional Services Group

I feel I am part of a great movement in the history of Learning & Development Industry.  I get the space to efficiently perform roles and responsibilities.

Alwyn Martin
Inside Sales Team - Chennai Office

I enjoy and look forward to working every day, because of my amazing coworkers. I work alongside some of the brightest, friendliest, and hardest working people that push me to excel. Every day is a new opportunity for learning and growth in my professional life.

Stacey Wilhelmsen
Sr. Graphic Designer

Work flexibility.

Being part of the ELB Learning team doesn’t mean you have to live in Utah, our headquarters. You don’t even have to live in the United States! We have a ubiquitous presence, and this map says it all.

Explore work flexibility at ELB Learning.

We are a workplace of equal opportunities.

With a global workforce, we take pride in our diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are committed to fostering an inclusive culture. We are guided by and encourage an environment that is respectful to all. We believe that we work best when we embrace diversity in values. It has propelled us to greater innovation in creating learning experiences that matter to our customers.

Together, our workplace is passionate, driven and connected where employees feel inspired, empowered, and carry a sense of BELONGING and PRIDE.

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If you don’t see a position that is right for you, consider joining our pool of talented freelance contractors. Visit this page to learn more.

Do you get excited about challenges? Are you bored of riding the wave?

Go on, choose your environment, and stride towards greatness.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

ELB Learning is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, race or color, ethnicity or national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law.

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