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Customized Life Sciences L&D Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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We bring together innovative learning technology and tailored learning content to unlock employee performance in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device community.

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We partner with Life Sciences companies to provide services and technology that complement your training including:

Custom eLearning Course Design & Development

Custom VR Learning Experiences Development

AI Consulting Services, AI Workshops, & AI-enabled Tool Creation

Games & Gamification Technology

Learning Strategy & Roadmaps Plus Curriculum Audits

Leadership Training Development

Sales Enablement Programs

Staffing to Augment Your Team

Support of ILT Classroom Training

Preferred Industry Partner with Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network

Support to Life Sciences Professionals

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Medical Affairs
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Commercial Training
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Research & Development
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Medical Devices
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Patient Service Providers
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A person in blue gloves and gloves touching a bottle.
Medical Affairs
A stethoscope sitting on top of a laptop computer.
Commercial Training
A couple of people that are looking at a tablet.
Medical Affairs
A stethoscope sitting on top of a laptop computer.
Medical Devices
A man working on a machine in a factory.
A woman in scrubs hugging a smiling older woman.
Patient Service Providers
A man in a white lab coat writing on a piece of paper.
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The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is at the forefront of innovation and patient care, yet it faces unique challenges in training and development. At ELB Learning, we understand these training challenges and offer cutting-edge solutions to address them. Our L&D professionals work closely with your team to develop and deliver customized life science training experiences, training technology, and training professionals. Here are the top challenges and how we can help:

1. New Medical Technology Training

The pace of healthcare technological innovation is unmatched. Keeping healthcare staff updated with the latest technologies, from medical devices to software, is a constant struggle.

ELB Learning offers immersive learning experiences through serious games, 360° videos, video-based coaching, and Virtual Reality (VR), making it easier for life science employees to adapt to new technologies in a risk-free environment. Our solutions simulate real-world scenarios, allowing for hands-on practice without the consequences of real-life mistakes.

2. Regulatory Compliance Training and High Non-Compliance Costs

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated. Ensuring all employees are compliant with current laws, regulations, and standards is crucial to avoid hefty fines and legal issues.

Our Life Sciences training programs are designed to ensure early and ongoing productivity while keeping compliance at the forefront. We provide customizable compliance training modules that are up-to-date with the latest regulations, ensuring your team remains compliant and informed.

3. Resource Scarcity and Training Efficiency

With the constant pressure of healthcare crises and the high demand for healthcare services, finding the time and resources for comprehensive healthcare training is challenging.

ELB Learning addresses resource scarcity by offering efficient, skill-specific training modules that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are designed to maximize learning in minimal time, ensuring that new employees become productive and competent quickly.

4. Adapting to Healthcare Crises with Rapid Training Development

Healthcare crises require rapid adaptation and training of staff to new protocols and procedures, often with little notice.

ELB Learning’s agile learning platforms allow for the quick deployment of crisis-specific training content. We enable healthcare organizations to adapt to emergencies swiftly, ensuring their teams are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively.

5. Ensuring Engaging and Immersive Learning Experiences

Traditional training methods may not fully engage healthcare professionals or cater to the specific, hands-on skills required in the industry.

ELB Learning leverages games and VR to create engaging and immersive learning experiences that mirror real-life situations. This approach not only increases engagement but also enhances the retention of critical information and skills.

We create training for these types of life science organizations:

Pharmaceutical Companies
Biotechnology & Biomedical Companies
Medical Device Companies
Medical Associations
Nursing and Medical Higher Education
Health Networks and Health Insurance
Medical Communications Agencies

We use several approaches to create immersive and engaging training experiences.


CHEST: Unveiling RSV

Benefit Cosmetics: Pore Care


Johnson & Johnson: Surgical Vision



Johnson & Johnson

Vanderbilt University Nursing


CHEST: Dr. Neb


Supporting Life Sciences Training with Expert On-Demand Staff Augmentation

In the fast-evolving Life Sciences sector, having access to the right talent at the right time is crucial for maintaining innovation, compliance, and operational excellence. ELB Learning is at the forefront of providing specialized staff augmentation services that empower Life Sciences companies to scale efficiently and effectively. Whether you need on-demand instructional designers, eLearning developers, AI experts, technical writers, LMS administrators, or training facilitators (to name a few) to augment your team quickly for a new project, we can find the talent you need.

Tailored Talent Solutions that Know the Life Sciences Industry

We offer on-demand access to specialized talent. Our vast network of vetted Learning & Development (L&D) experts includes professionals with specialized knowledge in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

Immersive Learning Experiences that Engage and Increase Skill Retention

Engaging healthcare professionals in meaningful learning is key to the retention and application of knowledge. Innovative immersive learning experiences such as custom games, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 360° video provide engaging learning that is more interactive and impactful. We can find experts in the immersive learning space to meet your specific requirements, maximizing learning outcomes while minimizing time investment.

Ensuring Compliance Through Expertise

Our L&D experts are adept at the specific compliance requirements of the Life Sciences industry. By augmenting your staff with our experts, you ensure that your training programs are not only effective but also fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Agile Solutions for Rapid Adaptation

The ability to adapt quickly to crises, such as public health emergencies, is vital for Life Sciences companies. Our staff augmentation services include experts skilled in creating agile learning solutions that can be rapidly deployed. This ensures that your organization can swiftly adapt to new protocols and procedures, maintaining operational continuity and ensuring staff readiness.

Contact ELB Learning today to discover how our custom content development or staff augmentation services can transform your training and development strategy.

Transforming Life Sciences Training

At ELB Learning, we’re not just about providing services; we’re about creating success stories. Here’s a closer look at how our customized training solutions and staff augmentation services have empowered companies in the Life Sciences sector to achieve operational excellence and maintain a competitive edge.

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