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ELB Learning offers custom courses for corporate staff development. Let our training and development specialists help you increase employee productivity with upskilling courses that will engage them from start to finish.

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DEI & Accessibility Training

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and Accessibility training are crucial to ensuring all your employees feel included and respected. DEI and Accessibility training are also imperative to ensure leaders in your company are not letting unconscious biases affect your hiring practices. Establishing a culture where all employees feel psychologically safe to share their opinions fosters collaboration and innovation. ELB Learning’s training consultants can help you build an engaging DEI and Accessibility course that will create long-lasting change in your organization.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

According to a 2021 study by IBM, 95% of security breaches were caused by human error. So implementing thorough and engaging cyber security awareness training for your employees is one of the most important steps to take to prevent future attacks, especially if a large percentage of your staff works from home. But why make cybersecurity training boring? ELB Learning’s team of instructional designers, training game experts, and learning experience consultants can create a cyber security employee training course that is interactive and effective and can protect your company’s data and digital infrastructure.

Onboarding Training

A thorough and engaging onboarding experience can increase employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70%! So let ELB Learning’s custom team help you create the best first impression with a stellar onboarding process. Our training consultants will help you accelerate time to proficiency and increase knowledge retention with an onboarding course development program that reflects your company culture and brand.

Compliance Training

Who says corporate compliance training has to be boring? We’ll create a custom eLearning course that is engaging and checks all the boxes. Our training consultants have a strong track record of building effective custom compliance courses that learners are actually excited to take.

Leadership Training

The corporate landscape is ever changing. Leaders need to be able to adapt to the needs of new generations entering the workforce in addition to the emergence of new technology. Employees are more demanding than ever and leaders need to ensure they feel valued and challenged. ELB Learning can develop a leadership training course that not only represents your culture and your brand but also creates great leaders.

Employee Soft Skills Training

Researchers from Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan found that soft skills training boosts productivity and knowledge retention by 12% and delivers a 250% return on investment. ELB Learning will help you create a custom soft skills training course that will set your learners up for success.

Customer Service Training

No matter what industry your company falls under, you have customers and their satisfaction and loyalty are extremely important. Ensure your workers master the skills they’ll need to treat your customers with the utmost care while also staying on brand. At ELB Learning, we will build a robust custom service training course with real-life scenarios that will train your staff and instill the confidence they’ll need to face any situation.

Employee Sales Training

Turn all your salespeople into your BEST salespeople with sales training customized to your products and industry. Our strategic consulting will design your custom employee sales training with realistic scenarios, engaging interactions and more to make your learners more confident and perform better.

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