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Your learners are diverse, with different learning preferences. We can help you create a learning solution and delivery method that engages ALL your learners.

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Games & Simulations

Did you know there’s a way to realize a 43% enhancement in employee productivity and a 60% increase in learner engagement?

Gamification is the answer. Gartner Research has proven that gamified learning is more engaging—for learners of all ages! We can help you add gamification to your training program.

We can create:

Gamified eLearning Interactions

Immersive, VR Games

Competitive Learning with Scored Dashboards

Serious, Scored Simulations

Gameplay that Promotes Learning

Award-winning gamified onboarding and safety training we created for a healthcare client.

Virtual Reality

Do you need to train learners on how to use expensive or dangerous equipment? Are you trying to reduce travel costs for training? Are you looking for engaging alternatives to in-person training?

Virtual reality training could be the answer you’re looking for.

Studies show that the use of virtual reality in training can speed up the time it takes to learn a process, reduce errors, save money, and reduce the amount of time spent in training.

Let us help you create the immersive learning experience of your dreams!

eLearning Brothers took our vision and executed on it to meet an aggressive timeline and the result is an eLearning product unlike any other. Everyone knows eLearning Brothers makes good training—what most don’t know is that they can build a game engine, do crazy advanced stuff, and bring other people’s ideas to life.


Custom Solutions Customer

Mobile Learning

People use mobile devices differently than desktop computers. The same applies to learning on mobile devices.

Developing training for mobile requires thinking differently from a design perspective. It also requires utilizing tools, techniques, and technologies differently.

We’ve developed mobile-friendly templates for eLearning designers to use within Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline. And we can do the same for you.

Instructor-led and Virtual Instructor-led Training

Looking for classroom training, or a blend of both?

If you’ve had to recently switch from instructor-led to more virtual alternatives, you may be looking for ways to keep the same level of engagement and interactivity in an online solution. We can help.

We have decades of experience in instructor-led classroom experiences, both through facilitation and design. We love to design instructor-led solutions, whether they stand alone or are part of a blended learning solution for your learners.

Want to transition your current instructor-led training (ILT) into vILT? Talk to us about how to make the switch without losing the personal connection.

Accessible Learning Content

Want your learning to reach as many of your employees as possible?

Then you need to consider accessibility and inclusion in the design.

In addition, if you’re a government agency or receive funds from a government agency to build your training, it may even be required that your training is fully compliant with Section 508.

Section 508 requires considerations like:

Using good, high-contrast visuals and larger fonts

Embedding transcripts in your courses

Courses that have the ability to be taken without a mouse, with the use of a JAWS screen reader

These strategies enable learners with disabilities such as hearing, visual, or motor impairment to have an equivalent learning experience as those without. Inclusive strategies mean considering learner demographics and backgrounds, reading complexity levels, and more.

No matter the standard of accessibility you’re trying to achieve, eLearning Brothers is your solution partner. We’ve designed courses that have specific elements of accessibility design all the way to fully 508 compliant projects.

Additional Services

Your training goals may require methods or strategies not listed here. We have many more tricks up our sleeves, so don’t hesitate to ask what else we can help you with, including:

Needs Analysis


Learning Experience Design

Course Translation & Localization

QuickConvert™ PowerPoint to HTML5

Flash to HTML5

Traditional eLearning Courses

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