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Your learners are diverse, with different learning preferences.

Built For Your Learners

ELB Learning can help you create a custom corporate training solution and delivery methods that engage ALL your learners.

Games & Simulations

Improve employee productivity and increase learner engagement.

Virtual Reality

Ensure your learners are ready for the job with virtual reality training.

Mobile Learning

Capitalize on mobile learning to supercharge staff development & training.

Video & Animation

Research shows 6 out of 10 people prefer online video training.

Instructor-led Training

Capture your learners’ attention with in-person training.

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Keep the same level of engagement and interactivity with an online solution.

How do you increase learner engagement and improve employee productivity?

Gamification is the answer. We can help you add gamification and/or games to your training program.

Gamification and game-based learning have proven to:

Make training more fun and reduce training friction

Be more immersive and engaging than traditional training

Encourage collaboration and innovation with gamified team challenges

Increase knowledge retention

Arcades Overview Video
Arcades Overview Video

Do you need real hands-on training without incurring the high cost of travel?

An immersive virtual reality training program (with or without headsets) will ensure your learners are ready for the job.

Studies show that training with virtual reality can:

Speed up the time it takes to learn a process

Achieve higher retention rates

Trigger an emotional response and immerse learners into the content

Offer a safe place to fail and learn from mistakes

Arcades Overview Video

Do you need to improve your employee’s communication skills and confidence with customers and clients?

Video-based coaching dramatically improves communication skills, soft skills, and employee performance with personalized feedback from mentors, peers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)- and it can all be done remotely!

Video-based training can help you:

Practice and improve sales pitches

Upskill salesforce faster and more effectively

Create adaptive personalized learning paths

Collaborate with peers, mentors, and SMEs

Are you interested in updating your training to appeal to the incoming generations?

We can build anything from quick, animated, budget-friendly motion graphic videos to high production value, fully-customized onsite videography—and everything in between.

Adding Video and Animation can help make your training:

More engaging, fun and sticky

Easier to understand, especially for multilingual teams

Situational and more relatable

Promote behaviorial change

Arcades Overview Video

Do you want to deliver training to your employees wherever they are—in the office or on the factory floor?

Then you need to have a mobile training solution. Developing training for mobile requires a different design approach. It requires expert knowledge in course authoring tools such as: Lectora, Captivate and Storyline in addition to the principals of UX and UI.

Mobile Training is perfect for:

Employees that don’t have easy access to computers

Sales teams that are always on-the-go

Microlearning for easily distracted learners

Tech savvy younger generations

Do you need impactful instructor-led (ILT) training or support presenting your training virtually (VILT) to a remote workforce?

Many industries and/or jobs still require training that is delivered one-on-one or via a lecture but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We can help built Instructor-Led Training (ILT) that will activate and motivate your learners.

Instructor-Led Training provides many benefits such as:

Instant feedback

Personalized learning

Focused learning, few and distractions during sessions

The ability to pivot based on learner response

If you’ve had to recently switch from instructor-led to more virtual alternatives, you may be looking for ways to keep the same level of engagement and interactivity in an online solution.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is the perfect solution for:

Training a lot of people at once

Reducing travel costs

Remote workforces

Workforces with varied work schedules

Additional Services

We have many more tricks up our sleeves, so don’t hesitate to ask what else we can help you with your staff development & training needs, including:

Training & Learning Architecture

Learning Experience Design

Course Translation / Localization

Marketing Support

Live Event Hosting

QuickConvert™ PowerPoint to HTML5

Flash to HTML5

Accessible Learning

Do you want your training to reach as many of your employees as possible?

Then you need to consider accessibility and inclusion in the course design. An accessible course enable learners with disabilities such as hearing, visual, or motor impairment to have an equivalent learning experience as everyone else. To make a course more inclusive, you’ll need to consider learner demographics and reading skills for instance.

Furthermore, if you’re a government agency or receive funds from a government agency to build your training, you may be required to make your training fully compliant with Section 508.

Section 508 requires considerations such as:

Using good, high-contrast visuals and larger fonts

Embedding transcripts in your courses

The ability to take the course without a mouse and with the use of a JAWS screen reader

ELB Learning can help you design courses that are accessible, 508 compliant and inclusive.

A boy is typing on a computer keyboard.

“ELB Learning took our vision and executed on it to meet an aggressive timeline and the result is an eLearning product unlike any other. Everyone knows ELB Learning makes good training—what most don’t know is that they can build a game engine, do crazy advanced stuff, and bring other people’s ideas to life.”

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