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FAQs About Rehearsal

What are some common use-cases for this platform?
Where is the data stored?
Can we use an iPad, iPhone, or Android device instead of a webcam?
What companies are using Rehearsal?
Does Rehearsal integrate with our LMS?
How does your screen capture feature work? Does it cost more?
Do you have to have a webcam for Rehearsal to work?
Can we customize the look of Rehearsal?
Do you provide onboarding and implementation help?
How long does a kick-off meeting take?
How long does Administrator & Mentor training take?
Can Rehearsal be used for more than role-plays?
What’s involved in creating a scenario?
How long does it take to setup a scenario?
Who grades the scenario?
Can Mentors see and grade other responses for groups they are not assigned to?
Can learners see other people’s responses or coaching feedback?
How are scenarios accessed?
How long does it take to go through a scenario?
What maintenance is involved with Rehearsal?
What do you recommend for initial rollout?
What do you recommend for ongoing engagement?
What devices does Rehearsal work on?
Do you support all Learning Management Systems?
Do you support Single Sign On (SSO)?
What types of integrations are possible?
What is the "User" type of integration?
What is the "Data" type of integration?
What is the "Content" type of integration?
How do you manage my data and security?
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