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HackOps: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Awareness Game

Help Your Employees Become Cyber-Smart Human Firewalls

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HackOps is the first in a series of next-generation cybersecurity awareness training games created by CyberCatch, a defense-grade AI-enabled continuous cybersecurity compliance and cyber risk mitigation solution provider, in partnership with ELB Learning.

This highly engaging cybersecurity gamified course combines the best of two entertainment worlds: movies and games, into an immersive virtual reality experience like no other.

Based on the behavior of real hackers in recent cyber attacks, HackOps simulates how cyber attackers actually steal data and install ransomware. This learning experience helps employees become “cyber smart” and more effective human firewalls against cyber threats and helps companies mitigate cyber risk effectively in their organizations.
In this game, learners role-play as an undercover operative for HackOps and learn how cyber attackers use common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to break into the network, steal data and install ransomware (e.g. spear phishing and exploiting vulnerabilities, among others).
Learners act as “newbie hackers” and learn how:

Hackers do reconnaissance

Spear phishing is crafted and executed

Front-door internet-facing IT assets’ vulnerabilities are exploited

Third-party vulnerabilities are exploited to break in from the back door

Data is exfiltrated and ransomware is installed and how this could be prevented

Unknown back doors are left behind and why

In this game, learners get first-hand experience with multi-phased cyber attacks, simulated from actual recent cyber attack cases, by completing real-world exercises from a hacker’s perspective. There is also a “Hollywood” movie-style surprise ending waiting for the learners at the end of the game.

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Duration: 60 minutes.

Requirements: Desktop or laptop with an updated browser and internet access.

Headsets are not required to experience this course! But, if you'd like to use VR headsets, these are the ones we suggest: Meta Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Rift, Pico G24K, Neo 2, Neo 3, Neo 4, HTC Vive, Vive Focus, or Vive Pro.

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