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What does the ELB Learning’s Leadership Development Program offer?

Our program is a robust, innovative solution to leadership development. We focus on enhancing essential leadership skills, inspiring a growth mindset, and cultivating an environment of continuous improvement. Our corporate leadership training provides participants with valuable insights into their leadership style.

A collection of manager and leadership training modules and bootcamps

Pre-built curricula that can be delivered immediately to your learners

Customization options to reflect your brand and culture

Expert and experienced facilitators to deliver a masterclass or full-day workshop

Resources and guides to enhance performance and improve engagement during and after the course

Fast-Paced Process

Quick Turnaround

Efficient Delivery

High ROI

Deliver In-Demand Upskilling

Our workshops focus on developing crucial skills using practical tools and techniques that can help transform leadership behaviors. Our expert facilitators, combined with engaging activities, create long-lasting business impact. The ELB Learning Leadership Development Program is an open-enrollment program providing access to dozens of manager and leadership topics. We make this as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Determine how many workshops to offer per month

Step 2

Decide how many months to offer workshops

Step 3

Select the workshops that will meet the needs of your leaders

Leadership Workshops and Modules

Accountability in the Workplace

Diversity to Boost Innovation

Motivating Yourself and Others

Adapting to the New Working Model

Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Preparing For and Having Difficult Conversations

Building Trust & Credibility

Influencing Others

Productive Work

Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Agility

Project Management Fundamentals

Coaching for Performance

Making Change Happen

The Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Conducting Engaging and Effective Meetings

Managing Effective Interviews

The EQ Leader

Creating Spellbinding Presentations

Managing Up

Virtual Performance Management

Developing Organizational Talent

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Women in Leadership

Developing Your Personal Brand

Anger Management

Functional Excellence

Bring Cohorts Together

Foster a Vibrant Leader Community

Architect Leadership Vignettes

Empower Leadership Beyond Boundaries

Consult with a Learning Strategist.

Empower your team to lead better and transform business through ELB Learning’s agile and accelerated leadership programs.

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