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Upcoming In-Person Events

LTEN Networking Mixer

Upcoming Webinars

7/23 | Adapt or Struggle: Embracing AI for Learning Teams
7/24 | Down the Rabbit Hole: Design Thinking for AI
7/25 | Create Your Own AI-Powered Instructional Design Assistant
7/29 | Embrace the AI Paradigm Shift: Empower Your Team Today
8/1 | How VR Can Electrify Your Task-Based Training
8/1 | Bridging AI & Human Potential: Change Management Through L&D
8/6 | Improving L&D with AI Work Augmentation
8/8 | Leader Talk - Strategic Sales Enablement
8/8 | From Boomers to Zoomers: Cracking the Code of Cross-Generational Engagement
8/13 | Lights, Camera, Branching Scenarios! How to Create Engaging Video Scenarios using AI Avatars
8/15 | The Future of Training: How to Prepare Your Organization Now

JEOPARDY!® Learning & Development Professional Meet-Up Series!

Join Us for JEOPARDY!® 2 Fridays a Month at 1 pm ET

Play a JEOPARDY!® game on fun pop-culture content live on Zoom! There is always a new game! Register here to save your spot.


7/18 | Accelerate Microlearning Creation with AI
7/17 | Retention Revolution: Strategies for Stickiness in Learning
7/11 | No Strategy, No Success: 3 Steps That Should Come Before L&D Software and Course Design
6/24 | Demo: Empower Your Team: Rehearsal's Video-based Coaching Platform
6/20 | Product Demo: Experience an AI-Driven Microbuilder™ Authoring Tool to Accelerate Microlearning Content Creation
6/18 | AI-Enabled Instructional Design - Master AI Prompts for Effortless Learning Design
6/13 | Passive To Active: Bringing Experiential Learning to Your Screen
6/5 | Drive Success by Blending Video, VR, Microlearning, and Accessibility
6/4 | LMS vs LXP: Which Learning Platform Will Elevate Your Training?
5/23 | The Future-Focused ID: Your L&D Career In The Age of AI
5/20-5/22 | ATD ICE
5/15 | How an L&D Executive at Google Measures Learning Impact
5/14 | Level Up: Harnessing the Power of Gamification for Safety Training
5/8 | How Google Tailors Training for Enhanced Engagement and Retention
4/30 | Beyond the Buzzwords and onto Workplace Wisdom: Answering Questions on Staff Augmentation and Decoding LMS Complexity
4/25 | Bite-sized Learning, Big Engagement—How MicroBuilder Makes it Possible
4/23 | Make a Great First Impression: How to Craft a Standout Elevator Pitch in 5 Steps
4/17 | Unlock the Power of Empathy: How AI Enhances Soft Skill Training
4/11 | Is L&D Ready for AI-Generated Video? Exploring the Pros and Cons with Industry Experts and Hollywood Filmmakers
4/4 | How To Get Started in VR Training
4/3 | From Boomers to Zoomers: Cracking the Code of Cross-Generational Engagement
3/28 | Inspired Instructional Design: Lessons from the Muppets
3/27 | 5 Strategies For a Smooth Transition from Virtual to In-Person Learning
3/26 | Algorithms for Empathy: How AI Can Help Scale Soft-Skill Training
3/21 | Training Industry Leader Talk: From Complicated to Complex: Leadership Skills in the 21st Century
3/18 | ATD Demo Day: Gamify Post-Training Assessments: Score Points, Not Tests
3/13 | Navigating the Transition from Corporate to Freelance in Instructional Design: A Woman's Guide
3/8 | From Video Games to Education: Lessons Learned from the Founder of Atari
3/6 | Fail to Learn: How to Grow Your Organization Through Trial, Error, and Play
2/29/24 | AI and Change Management: Cultivating Adaptability and Growth
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