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July 26 – 27, 2022

Lectora® is the authoring tool you’ll never outgrow.

the ultimate playground for instructional design.

Rapid authoring with complete control.

Jumpstart Course Creation With Built-In, Interactive Templates, frameworks, and interactions from the Lectora Asset Library all maximized for mobile use and accessibility.

Themes, style packs, page layouts & more

Built-in navigation & interactions

Compliance training in a snap!

Stunning course starter templates & frameworks

Knowledge checks, quizzes, & more

Unmatched Interactivity

Make all your learning come to life with Lectora.

Execute intricate branching navigation, click-to-reveal interactions, knowledge checks, quizzes and assessments, feedback popups, scroll animation, and more.

Leverage animation, timeline, and event-based triggers. Synchronize audio, video, and user actions in a sequence of timed events.

Vertical Scrolling Course Sample

Scrolly Course

Highlight a key point, make a transition, or tell your learner what to do next.

Wisdom.... comes not from age, but from education and learning.

- Anton Chekhov

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Use this default landing space to grab attention and introduce the subject. Include instructions for what to do next.
Step 01
Use this layout to walk learners through a sequential process.
Step 02
Consider your learner's experience level as you write your steps.
Step 03
Ask: what does the learner need to know or do with this information?
Step 04
Keep each step brief and use active voice.
Step 05
Use parallel sentence structure for each step.

Compare These

Use this layout to introduce or compare three related topics.
Describe the second topic here. Use a sentence or two, or break your text into a few brief bullet points.
Describe the third topic here. Be sure to use this space the same way across all three topics.

Click to Reveal

Content 01
Content 02
Content 03
Content 04

Knowledge Check

Use this area to tell your learner what to do next.
This slide is a multiple select knowledge check featuring text.
You can add your question here.
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Use this multi-purpose layout for summarizing key points.
It works well for presenting sequential steps.
This layout is also ideal for listing learning objectives.
Try adding item numbers or decorative symbols as bullets.

Built-In Asset Library

Easily enhance courses with icons, characters, stock assets, & more.
210,000+ Icons
115,000+ Cutout Characters
3,500+ Elearning Templates
160+ Million Stock Images
45,000+ Stock Audio Files
55,000+ Stock Video
9,000+ Powerpoint Templates

Accessibility Leader of Section 508 & WCAG

Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 requirements

Predictable focus

Lightbox pop-ups

Radio buttons and checkboxes for forms

Layering and tabbing order

There’s a reason why the U.S. government chooses Lectora. Its built-in accessibility guide makes it easy to develop eLearning for all types of learners.

Localize global content.

Export in 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Mandarin) & Brazilian Portuguese.

Save time importing and exporting translation files with XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format).

Generate audio in different personas and dialects using text to speech.

English, Australian
English, British
English, Indian
English, US
English, Welsh
French, Canadian
Mandarin, Chinese
Portuguese, Brazilian
Spanish, Castilian
Spanish, Mexican
Spanish, US

Boost productivity with a collaborative authoring & review process.

Co-author the same course globally.*

Assign author roles & projects

Automatically log revisions

Check in/out for version control

Track version history

Communicate & notify teammates

Share projects & assets

* Lectora Online only

Accelerate approvals & minimize revisions with ReviewLink®.

Gathering and incorporating feedback has never been easier.

Eliminate rounds of revisions and cryptic review notes

Fast and easy for SMEs and stakeholders

Capture comments and screen markups in context

Multiple screen views without a mobile device

Responsive Course Design

Design once. Publish and view everywhere.

Lectora’s unique approach to mobile design is the most flexible of all tools. It gives you the most control of how your content displays across all devices. Content automatically adapts to the viewing device, but you can make adjustments as needed.

Track learner performance by publishing to any LMS/LRS.

Publish directly to the Rockstar Learning Platform, Arcades™ (The Game Agency), SABA® (Cornerstone), Healthstream™, Docebo®, SCORM Cloud, and more.

Lectora supports multiple formats including:






and more

Expand without limits to drive learning.

Lectora® capabilities expand as your skills expand

Write your own custom scripts

Include custom libraries, fonts, or CSS

Easily implement and use HTML, CSS, and Javascript

React to learner behavior with personalized, adaptive learning.

Dynamically address skill gaps with BranchTrack for scenario-based branching (integrated with Lectora).
Use built-in variables and conditions to create custom learning paths that adapt based on click behavior.
Create advanced learning experiences to guide behaviors and maximize learners’ performance.

Convert your PowerPoint slides into eLearning in a few clicks.

Insert a PowerPoint file directly into an existing course or template, add an assessment, and it’s ready to publish. Or, transform static slides into instructor-led training with Lectora’s built-in screen recorder.

It’s time to conquer your business challenges with engaging eLearning. Get a free 30-day trial.

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