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Why Use a Staff Augmentation Vendor?

1. Reduce Time to Hire

Having access to our already vetted database of learning and development talent (such as instructional designers, eLearning developers, technical writers, and more) means you can find the perfect fit quickly. It’s much faster to augment your internal teams than to hire someone new.

2. Less Work for Hiring Managers

ELB Learning can do the heavy lifting—we vet numerous resumes, administer multiple interviews, and identify the expertise of each candidate.

3. Reduce Onboarding Time

Our Staff Augmentation team can absorb much of the work to bring a new hire up to speed quickly. This is because we already understand what you expect from a new team member.

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4. Reduce Employee Management

Our staffing experts can take care of much of the bureaucratic work involved with contracts, background checks, payments, time tracking, and training in company culture (including certifications, compliance training, etc.)

5. Get the Perfect fit

Finding the right fit for your culture is important. ELB Learning can provide learning and development candidates who understand your unique company culture and values. And, new hires can better understand their responsibilities and deliverables, integrating them quickly into your team.

6. Lower Costs

Lower costs associated with insurance benefits, plans, premiums, etc. Hiring contingent learning and development talent reduces costs associated with hiring, training, and severance requirements of a full-time employee.

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7. Less Risk Involved in Hiring

Do you require support to get a project completed quickly? Or maybe your requirements may change over time. With a try-before-you-buy strategy, you can effectively and affordably retain a new hire, or let them go.

8. L&D Managers Can Take on New Projects

By augmenting their team as required, learning and development leaders can shift priorities on a dime. This means they can bring new, innovative training and learning ideas to their business and still get it done on time.

9. Part-Time Hires can Turn into Full-Time Employees

After our Staff Augmentation team has done the work of finding that perfect fit for your team, you’ll have a fully trained employee, ready and willing to remain with you for the long term.

10. Hire for Specific Projects or Tasks

Reach out to us anytime and bring on new talent as needed to get the optimal balance between capacity, capabilities, and flexibility.

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Let us help you augment your learning and development staff today!

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