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Games have proven to make training more engaging,  immersive, and fun.

Arcades Overview Video
Custom Games for Corporate Training
Arcades Overview Video
K-12 Custom Learning Games and Courses

Adding training games to your strategy will:

Improve knowledge retention
Provide instant feedback
Allow learners to fail safely
Motivate learners to come back multiple times and further hone their skills
Provide data and analytics to measure training effectiveness
Bring together employees in a social and collaborative way
Help your learners be more confident and drive success

We design, develop, and launch custom projects based on specific client needs and requirements. We support internal employee training organizations and sales, marketing, and communication organizations looking to drive deeper, more meaningful customer experiences. We take pride in applying our gaming expertise to training and education, delivering BOTH a fun experience and improved learning outcomes.

Our game-building experts have created custom games for clients for over 16 years in the corporate and education sectors. Our games and training are deployed in over 100 countries and in 20+ languages. We have solid experience with international laws, security, and data privacy requirements. Our team of developers is highly skilled in making enterprise-grade software systems used by tens of millions of customers across the globe.

Tell us about your training game idea.

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