July 26 – 27, 2022

Workers become better communicators with Rehearsal

From learning and development to sales training, Rehearsal provides a platform to transform
employee performance through video-based practice.


Dramatically improve sales demos, product messaging, and soft skills by repeatedly responding to work-place scenarios.


Publicly post, share, and comment on each others’ videos using Channels. Plus, curate a library of best practices and just-in-time training videos.


Incorporate feedback on evaluations by peers, mentors, or artificial intelligence (AI). Learners can also be prompted to respond and try again.

Insightful Reporting

Discover who your most competent team members are and those who need help. Run customized reports specific to your organization.

Guided Learning

Leverage Rehearsal’s intelligent journeys and content branching to create programs that adjust the learner’s path based on their performance.


Use as a standalone platform or integrate it with your LMS using our API for a direct line to your Rehearsal data.

See Rehearsal in action

Watch a demo video or request a live, personalized demo.

sales skills, leadership, and more.

Empower employees to improve how they repeatedly respond to workplace scenarios, including common and uncommon situations.

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills are some of the most sought after traits in the workplace. Develop your employees’ communication skills, cultivate their leadership potential, and strengthen their problem-solving capabilities.


One of the most critical steps in the employee experience is onboarding. By allowing your new employees to “get their feet wet” through practice sessions in a safe environment, you can ensure more accurate and confident performance when it matters most.

Leadership Training

Empower aspiring leaders to practice with established leaders. Rehearsal allows you to engage in leadership development efforts through real scenarios, a safe place to practice responding, and the ability to track growth and development along the way.

Product Messaging

New product launch on the horizon? Changes to existing products? Ensure product information is communicated accurately across customers and prospects by having your team members practice responding to scenarios until they’ve reached 100% accuracy.

One-on-One Coaching

Knowledge Assessment

Presentation Practice

Product Demos


Coaching the Coach

Customer Service

Gauging Empathy

Product Knowledge

Personalized Training

Best Practice Libraries

Remote Training

Executive Messaging

Skill Evaluation


“This is the future, no doubt.”

Rehearsal shifts the focus from knowledge to skill application. It allows a person’s actual skills to be practiced and coached to versus theories or what someone says they do. And I like how it incorporates a person’s body language and support tools, which are actually stronger communicators than words. Too many times these areas are overlooked or assumed to be “fine.”

Lance Crow

eLearning Consultant

See Rehearsal in action

Watch a demo video or request a live, personalized demo.

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