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of respondents said virtual coaching and mentoring is just as effective, or even more effective than traditional coaching.

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Increased speed to competency by 41% and revenue by 10%

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Relationship managers more than doubled revenue with a 102% increase in sales

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Upskilled sales force 30 – 40% faster & increased revenue 10%+ within a year

Workers become better communicators with Rehearsal.

From learning and development to sales and compliance training, Rehearsal transforms employee performance through asynchronous video and audio-based practice and coaching.

Practice & Improve Sales Pitches

Dramatically improve sales demos, product messaging, and soft skills by repeatedly responding to simulated scenarios. Prompt learners to submit videos and incorporate feedback from mentors and required keywords using AI.

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Coaching with Asynchronous Communication & Mentor AI

Coaching with Asynchronous Communication & Mentor AI

Evaluate learners’ responses to assigned scenarios and prompt them to resubmit videos until they get it right! Let Mentor AI provide detailed submission analytics allowing your learners to practice at their own pace. Learners can re-record assignments when convenient—anytime, and anywhere globally.

Adaptive Personalized Learning Paths

Adjust the learners’ needs with structured content branching tailored to their unique learning styles, needs, and preferences. Progress will be documented to track performance and see which assignments get the best results.

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Automated Multi-Lingual Video/Audio Transcription

Rehearsal automatically transcribes video speech into text, offered in multiple languages including English (Australian, British, USA), French, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (simplified), Hindi, and Thai. Run customized AI reports using transcripted analytic metrics.


Advanced Features & Exclusive Upgrades

Collaborate with Peers, Mentors, & SMEs

Facilitate chatting and collaborative learning for specific groups. Post, share, and comment on videos within admin-controlled Channels while curating winning examples, best practices, how-to videos, and just-in-time training.

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Measure Performance with Advanced Reporting

Evaluate how mentors and learners benefit from Rehearsal, and what’s driving ROI. Discover your most competent team members based on average assignment performance and export data for further mining and Business Intelligence (BI).

On-the-Fly Learning with the iOS & Android Mobile App

Do your learners work off of tablets and smartphones? Great! Get access to Rehearsal out in the field or on the road. Learners can upload assignments when needed and mentors can provide feedback at their convenience.

On-the-Fly Learning with the iOS & Android Mobile App
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Integration with an LMS/LXP or Learning Platform

Use it as a standalone platform or integrate it with your LMS with our API. Our Systems Integration team can configure your learning environment and migrate your data. Or use it with the Rockstar Learning Platform, where it’s directly integrated.

Develop sales skills, leadership, and more.

Empower employees to improve how they repeatedly respond to workplace scenarios by creating an interactive and personalized learning environment.


Soft skills are some of the most sought-after traits in the workplace. Develop your employees’ communication skills, cultivate their leadership potential, and strengthen their problem-solving capabilities.


One of the most critical steps in the employee experience is onboarding. Allowing your new employees to “get their feet wet” through practice sessions in a safe environment can ensure more accurate and confident performance when it matters most.


Educating your employees on the laws and regulations applicable to their job function or industry is crucial. Through practice with Rehearsal, you can reduce the risk of compliance violations and improve workplace safety.


Providing great customer service and increasing customer satisfaction is an essential goal for many companies. Enable learners to practice their communication and problem-solving skills in realistic scenarios until they reach 100% accuracy.

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