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Created in partnership with Jeopardy Productions, Inc., the official Jeopardy!® training game follows the classic rules of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®.  Each game can include up to three rounds—Jeopardy!®, Double Jeopardy!®, and Final Jeopardy!®—plus “Daily Doubles.”

The first two rounds consist of 3 – 5 categories, each containing three to five text, image, or video clues. Players compete for Leaderboard dominance by racking up points in the first two rounds and going big in Final Jeopardy!. Responses can be formatted for text input or multiple choice.

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Noodle is an engaging and cleverly-designed word guessing puzzle game. The name is a play on the phrase “it’ll bake your noodle,” meaning “it’ll really make you think.” The goal is to solve the puzzles and fill your noodle bowls!

A puzzle is a mystery word that is 3 to 7 letters long. There is a maximum of 10 puzzles per session. The mystery word is represented by a row of squares on the screen—one empty square for each letter. Players guess the word by entering letters, submitting their guess, and interpreting the game’s letter-by-letter feedback on the guess. Players have a limited number of attempts to guess the word and solve the puzzle.

Noodle is a great way for prompting learners to think about a topic in new and different ways, challenging learners’ understanding, and creating a fun learning environment.

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Wheel Of Fortune®

Wheel of Fortune rewards learners for quickly retrieving key concepts, terminology, facts, and figures required for job performance. Designed to improve concept connections, memorization, and stress management, Wheel of Fortune offers 3 puzzle types: Regular Rounds for introducing materials, Toss-Up Rounds for assessment and retention, and Bonus Rounds to drive engagement.

Ideal for short training points and terminology, this popular template is easy to customize with the number of rounds, time per round, and more. Currently, the game is designed to support one player versus the leaderboard, multiplayer mode, for use in virtual events and instructor-led training (ILT).

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In Jump, players earn points by landing on a variety of platform types (normal bounce, boost, disappearing, mirages, and questions) in an ever-changing, upwardly-moving landscape (that can be customized for an extra fee).

Questions can be asked via text, images, or videos and the answers can take the form of multiple-choice, multi-select, image match, text input, and polls. Correct answers reward players with super boosts, points, and lives. Beware of falling objects, which are also customizable (for an extra fee) to correlate with learning themes or your brand.

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Match allows players to complete levels by swapping icons on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same icons. Once icons are matched, they are eliminated from the board and replaced with new icons, which can lead to the potential for more matches.

Matches of four or more create unique icons that act as power-ups with larger board-clearing abilities.

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Trivia is an addictive game ideal for boosting engagement and retention while rewarding learners for fast and correct decision-making. Question types include multiple-choice, text input, multi-select, image match, and polling.

Players are quizzed on various content topics and awarded points based on correct answers. Other elements including streaks, feedback, scores, timers, and leaderboards, which add up to an engaging, rapid learning environment.

Trivia has a multiplayer mode that is perfect for Instructor-Led Training and Virtual or Live Events. It offers both a competitive and collaborative type of gameplay.

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Scenarios puts players into realistic soft-skill situations (sales, customer service, negotiations, management, etc.) with virtual characters that challenge them to test cause and effect decision-making across several conversation paths.

With this game, instructional designers can create complex branching scenarios by simply uploading images and/or video and typing in 3 – 4 dialogue options per discussion point. Each answer maps to a positive, negative, or neutral outcome. Points are given to players based on the speed at which they arrived at a successful outcome.

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Detective allows the learner to hone their judgment, problem-solve, and develop cognitive processing skills by being presented with a list of Suspects and Case Studies containing several pieces of evidence.

The learner then needs to assess and connect multiple points of information in order to assign pieces of evidence to the corresponding suspects, ultimately leading them to the final conclusion.

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Scramble is a word puzzle game that includes two modes.

1. Word Scramble where players are presented with a sentence that is missing a word and a bank of mixed-up letters from which to rebuild it on the screen.

2. Sentence Scramble where players are presented with a word bank and challenged to place them in the correct order to most effectively articulate each concept.

In each mode, players must complete the word/sentence before the timer runs out and are awarded hints for each correct puzzle solved that can be used to help in future puzzle rounds.

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Recall tests a player’s ability to retain specific details without the benefit of knowing what to pay attention to beforehand.

The game helps players maximize their focus and retention by using a game with a pop-quiz format. Players view an image or video and are then asked one or more questions that relate to what they just saw. All pictures, videos, and questions are customizable.

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In Sort-It, players are presented with different categories in rows and columns along with a bank of answers that need to be correctly dropped into the appropriate rows and columns.

After completing as much of the grid as the player can, they simply tap the Submit button for their answers to be immediately assessed. Correct answers stay on the grid, while incorrect ones turn red and fly back to their original position in the answer bank. This gives the player another opportunity to get the correct answer.

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