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How lululemon Stays on Track with Staff Augmentation

ELB Learning always finds the exact skilled professional we need with just the right level of seniority—the right resource at the right time.

Gregg Eiler

Learning Design Manager

lululemon athletica inc.


lululemon athletica inc. is a multinational athletic apparel retailer with employees in North America, Asia, and Europe. Gregg Eiler, Learning Design Manager with 20 years of learning and development expertise, heads up a 20-person team to deliver business and functional training to over 10,000 employees. 


lululemon prides itself on corporate culture and its laser-focused mission. Gregg ensures all new employees are adequately onboarded to understand the mission and have the job-related skills to be successful. Like most learning and development teams, Gregg has more work than his staff can handle. 

Strategy & Solution

Gregg came to CoreAxis, now ELB Learning, for L&D outsourcing support. ELB Learning’s staff augmentation team has supported Gregg with on-demand skilled professionals such as Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Video Editors, Voice-Over Translation Experts, and more for over four years. Serving as a temporary extension of his team, these professionals provide crucial support for tasks such as storyboarding, course creation, copywriting, and video creation. Some contractors support lululemon for the short term, and some for longer stints. Contract resources are brought onboard to ensure that L&D keeps moving forward and goals set for the year progress without any barriers. 


“We get good people from ELB Learning," Gregg says, “All the people have been exceptional and professional. We are rarely in a situation to hire, and it’s difficult to get people up to speed fast enough to keep up with the lululemon pace. ELB Learning always finds the exact skilled professional we need with just the right level of seniority—the right resource at the right time.”  

Gregg attributes his loyalty to ELB Learning to the highly experienced staff augmentation team. 

"It's all about the people," he says, "I can go to them with a specific problem and they've been able to send me experts who can help solve it." He enjoys ELB Learning’s ability to react quickly to his sourcing needs. Most importantly, he always feels that he’s getting value from the staff augmentation services provided to him. 

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