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Get higher ROI with VR training.

Organizations across the globe are discovering the power of immersive learning.

With virtual reality, you can help your employees develop conditioned responses, problem-solving skills, and muscle memory—even before they’re on the job.

A woman wearing a hard hat and striped shirt.A group of people standing around a white board.A man handing a pizza to a woman.

Plus, you can eliminate safety risks, save money on travel, and reduce wear and tear on equipment.

A man in a hard hat working on a machine.A woman giving a presentation to a group of people.Two men in lab coats working in a laboratory.

Mistakes made in VR are mistakes not made in reality.

Making mistakes is how we learn best, but when you’re training with expensive materials or equipment, it’s expensive to let your workers make a mistake.

In the virtual world, your learners can make as many mistakes as they need—without costing a dime.

soft and hard skills with immersive learning.

A study by PwC found that VR training was far more effective than traditional training methods—like classroom education or self-paced online learning—at creating an emotional bond to the content being taught and instilling the confidence that employees need in order to best perform their jobs.

When to use VR training.

Do you need spatial awareness?

Do you want to create realistic scenarios?

Is your goal to build empathy and other soft skills?

Are you training on/in prohibitively expensive equipment/settings?

Is safety an issue?

Is travel cost an issue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to add immersive learning to your L&D strategy.

Explore how easy it is to build virtual reality training with CenarioVR.

A white game controller with two black buttons.A white virtual reality headset with a white strap.
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