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Rapid Delivery to Meet Business Transformation Needs

“The ELB team brings a fresh, creative perspective and deep understanding of new, innovative learning tools that allow L&D to transform learning while meeting large-scale project demands.”

Jodie Wisson

Learning and Development Leader

Avantax Wealth Management


Avantax is a wealth management and financial services company; 3,700+ advisor firms serving 350,000 clients nationwide, with $76 billion in AUA (working mostly remotely).


Avantax needed to reimagine training to support a large-scale business processing platform conversion with limited L&D capacity to design engaging and impactful learning in a compressed time frame.

Avantax Wealth Management is a publicly traded financial technology company providing its nationwide clients with extraordinary products, technology, service, and support. Their success is built upon the quality of their advisors’ ability to provide advice on innovative financial products and solutions while navigating the complexities taxes have on personal finances.

To deliver on this commitment, Avantax Wealth Management decided to update its learning strategy by implementing all new engaging learning solutions to their 3,750 advisor firms and 400+ home office employees. This was an enormous challenge for two reasons:

  1. They were on a very tight timeline to develop all-new training with limited resource capacity. 
  2. The L&D team lacked the specific skills and capabilities to design innovative and engaging learning solutions. 

Strategy & Solution

ELB Learning’s staff augmentation services supported the internal L&D team by providing top talent to bring game-changing expertise.

Avantax Wealth Management sought out ELB Learning as a partner. Together, a staff augmentation strategy was charted to support the Avantax L&D team. Highly skilled contract instructional designers and technical writers were seamlessly integrated with the Avantax team to develop engaging and interactive online training, embedded videos, instructor-led training modules, hands-on practice, assessments, and on-demand online reference content. More than serving as a traditional staff augmentation vendor, Team ELB mentored Avantax L&D team members by advancing their skills to reimagine and design highly engaging learning that impacted on-the-job performance.


A complete digital transformation provided Avantax advisor firms with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to support their clients seamlessly.

With this approach, Avantax achieved its business goal, implementing its new business processing platform to all 3,750 advisor firms, and delivered on the goal to transform learning within a short time frame. The ELB Learning team continues to add value by serving as full-time staff, providing the Avantax L&D team with top industry talent and expertise to continue to drive a culture of learning with unparalleled learning experiences.


The key to rapid delivery of complex L&D projects is having the right people for the job. Working with a staff augmentation partner with agile talent solutions will help you quickly identify potential skill gaps and raise the bar in L&D staff expertise and capabilities, while also meeting the needs and goals of your business. 

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