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Wondering why you should add learning games to your training program?

Gamified Training Platform

your learners with games.

Gamification works because it triggers real, powerful human emotions. By promoting fun you are promoting more memorable and effective learning.

10 Reasons Why Gamification Works

Improve Engagement

Games make learners active participants in their training. Instead of passively clicking through training materials, eLearning games drive learners to interact and use their skills to overcome challenges. When learners are emotionally and mentally engaged, they’re more likely to absorb knowledge and retain what they’ve learned.

Provide Storytelling

Stories help learners connect with and recall content by allowing them to visualize themselves in a situation. Games, like any good story, provide context, conflict, and resolution that serve to capture and maintain attention. Research has found that training games, which require learners to practice by doing, can have a significant positive impact on training outcomes.

Engage Attendees

Effective instructor-led training is not about being the “sage on the stage”–it’s about being the “guide on the side,” leading participants to water instead of blasting them with the fire hose. Games are a fantastic way to engage your learners at company meetings and training conferences. Our game-authoring tool, The Training Arcade® has a library of 11 pre-built game templates, 2 of which (JEOPARDY!® and Trivia) can be used for virtual training or live events.

Effectively Deliver Microlearning

Today’s learners have competing demands on their attention. A series of short, highly-focused games reduces cognitive overload by driving home key points one step at a time, whenever the learner is ready to receive them.

Generate Rich Actionable Data

Games provide you with rich data that unveils patterns of engagement and also reveals knowledge gaps. As you learn more about your employees and how they interact, you can adjust your training strategy, leverage skills more effectively, and optimize your return on investment.

Make Training Social

Games are a fantastic medium for healthy competition and collaboration. Whether it’s a team-based challenge or you challenging the boss to a game of JEOPARDY!®, eLearning games make people interact with each other.

Provide a Practice Playground

Games provide a fun, safe space for employees to learn and be tested on:
• Products & processes
• Interpersonal skills
• Critical thinking
• Problem-solving
• Collaboration

Provide Feedback & Rewards

Customizable eLearning games provide a safe space for employees to practice skills, achieve predefined goals, and earn rewards. Immediate feedback keeps learners on track, and goal-setting motivates them to improve their scores—while increasing knowledge retention and performance.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

With the increase in flexible work, employees also need more flexible learning. Organizations can deploy customized training games on phones, tablets, and desktop computers, enabling employees to play and learn whenever and wherever they want.

Keep Learners Coming Back

Repetition is key to retention. The best training games are fun and fast, helping learners digest your message and improve prescribed skills; and when designed right, they keep learners coming back over and over again.

Promote Motivation to Learn

We’re all more motivated to accomplish activities that are fun and rewarding. Awards, prizes, achievement badges, and seeing their name at the top of the leaderboard excites learners.

We aggregated anonymous data of over 2,500 games in The Training Arcade® and saw learners played an average of 1.7 times and 57% of players played games 3 times or more. The more they play, the more they learn!

Easily add gamification to your learning with The Training Arcade®.

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