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Dive into the realm of AI!
– Introducing ELB Learning’s New AI Corporate Services –

Learning & development made bigger, better, and BOLDER.

Find your eLearning mojo through a Learning Management System or a Learning Experience Platform.

A learning platform is the only ally you need to achieve L&D objectives and enterprise goals.

Optimize Training

Learning at the Speed of Business

Maximize ROI from Training

Accelerate Instructional Design

Productivity & Performance

Improve Course Completion

Gateway to Insights & Learning Analytics

Immersive Learning

Build a Thriving Ecosystem

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Learning, upskilling, reskilling, and transformation made easy.

Learning Platforms help democratize learning while delivering personalized curriculums and learning experiences to your employees and/or customers. Using emerging tools and technologies, deliver eLearning precision with mobile learning and multi-learning modalities.

on-demand training

Process Improvement

Learning technology orchestrates learning creation and seamless delivery to the learner ecosystem.

Personalized Training

Curate personalized learning paths and deliver targeted skills.

Informative Analytics

Access real-time insights and analytics to deliver eLearning that resonates with your audience.

Efficient Delivery

Administer anytime-anywhere learning that yields superior outcomes.

Team Building

Foster collaborative and social learning experiences with a learning experience platform/LXP.

For strategic business growth, re-engineer organizational L&D and deliver enterprise-class solutions at the speed of business.

Modern learning platforms are designed to transform workplace training.

Rockstar Learning Platform or CourseMill®?

Discover which of these cloud-based learning solution platforms are better suited to address your organization’s high-demand learning needs.
The epitome of power, innovation, and experiential learning.

Accelerated and immersive learning combined with the power of learning management for your business needs.

Agile, collaborative instructional design process to orchestrate knowledge transfer, reign supreme in digital learning.

Multimodal training with strong video-based capabilities, designed to conquer business challenges.

Training transformation and targeted skilling through self-paced learning, bundled content libraries, and assessments.

With over 500,000 learners, 1500+ clients, and 20+ industry awards, you know you’re getting a platform that rocks.

Enjoy flexible integrations and easy migration to the Rockstar Learning Platform.

The workhorse that runs your entire L&D operation is your ideal learning platform for:

Course Management

Add, share, edit and package courses. Organize assets, deliver self-paced eLearning, and certify learners. Onboard over 100,000 learners on a single instance.

Robust Course Structure

Self-directed or automated, sell courses with a custom branded eCommerce interface.

Intelligent Learning Management

From custom to pre-built, bank on advanced reports, quantify data and learning KPIs sans limits, capped with unhinged security.

Global Favorite

CourseMill is loved by Fortune 500 enterprises across diverse industries, as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses.


Easily integrate with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SalesForce, NetSuite Workday, and many more.

Unsure which solution is right for you?

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