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Do I need to hire a Learning Strategist?

A Learning Strategist is the only “goal-keeper” you need on your side! Strategists support learning organizations by ensuring alignment of learning goals with business goals and objectives. They are focused on the big picture while ensuring all the supporting steps like learner preferences, training modes, cost, and timelines are aligned and in sync.

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Learning Strategists Uncover and Analyze Training Opportunities

Learning Strategists uncover training opportunities by analyzing current employee skills, conducting needs assessments, and reviewing performance data and feedback. By considering these factors, strategists tailor training programs to address specific gaps, ensuring they align with organizational goals and contribute to continuous improvement.

Learning Strategists Add Value to Training Programs

Strategists are abreast with industry trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Surveys and benchmarking help gather employee input and compare practices with industry standards. They ensure best practices at every stage to deliver better learning experiences.

Learning Strategists Build Effective Learning Programs

Strategists prioritize a learner-centric approach, ensuring that the programs are not only informative but also tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the audience. Strategists use information from the needs analysis to storyboard the program, outline content, structure, and instructional methods to enhance learner retention.

Learning Strategists Provide a Clear Framework

Strategists have the expertise to understand the objectives to meet, and the scale of the challenges, and will quickly accelerate change to provide a solution. Their key strengths lie in improving efficiencies and maximizing return on investment.

6 Reasons Why Learning Strategists Are Needed for Better L&D in Growing Organizations

Comprehensively identify training opportunities for business growth
Align learning initiatives with business objectives
Foster continuous learning and professional development
Determine the most viable learning delivery methods
Establish effective evaluation mechanisms
Catalyst for embracing technological advancements in learning programs

Key Skills Required for a Learning Strategist

Strategic Thinking and Analytical Skills

Learning strategists help you craft long-term plans that align learning initiatives with organizational goals and anticipate future skill requirements. They must be able  to analyze organizational needs, employee skills gaps, and performance data to identify training opportunities.

Technical Skills and Technological Proficiency

Learning Strategists must have technical skills to develop and deliver e-learning, game-based, and mobile learning applications. They should be up-to-date with learning technologies and tools, and how to integrate them into training programs for optimal effectiveness.

Problem-Solving Skills

No problem is too big or too small for learning strategists. They thrive on identifying challenges in the learning process and implementing creative solutions to address them. Flexibility to adjust strategies based on evolving organizational needs, industry trends, and feedback is a key trait.

Project Management and Collaboration

Learning strategists excel at planning, organizing, and executing learning programs within established timelines and budgets. They showcase effective communication with stakeholders, instructors, and learners to convey the purpose and benefits of learning programs, as well as collaborate with cross-functional teams, including subject matter experts, designers, and developers.

Change Management and Innovation

Benefit from their expertise navigating and facilitating change within the organization, especially in response to technological advancements or shifts in industry standards. Learning strategists drive learning theory innovation and thought leadership by defining and developing strategies for learning effectiveness and business impact.

Learning Strategists help map out your organization’s success. An agile staff augmentation strategy will give you access to the best strategists in the industry. Scale up or down based on your requirements, and create a systematic approach to the landscape of learning to meet the overall business and performance needs of learners.
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Check out this resource to give you more insight into the role.

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