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Cutout People Images

Give your eLearning personality with cutout people.

When you need to inject life into your eLearning, cutout people can save the day! Create a character guide, simulate realistic conversational scenarios, and make your learners feel represented in the content.

You can choose from thousands of diverse character images in our Cutout People Library, all with multiple poses, emotions, and props. Whether your training topic is serious, sad, or silly, you’ll find a cutout person with the pose and expression to match.

A man in a wheel chair surrounded by people.

Cutout people work perfectly in the industry-leading authoring tools.

The best cutout people for your eLearning needs.

Industry Categories

From construction workers to office workers, students to medical professionals, we have attire to match a variety of learner demographics. Our wide selection of industries and wardrobes helps you make your content look more authentic and resonate with learners.

Clipped Out

Stop wasting time painstakingly erasing backgrounds in Photoshop! We did the work for you and now you can place images on any background or scene. Put a model into photos of your actual worksite—or put a man on the moon! With these clipped out images, your options are limitless.

Multiple Poses

Every model has 50 – 200 different stances in every wardrobe they wear. Your cutout person can be disappointed in the learner, excited about the learner’s correct answer, befuddled by a quiz question, ready to rock, and more. All the different poses enable you to portray any scenario or activity you need.

International Models

Your learners are diverse, shouldn’t your models be too? Create eLearning with authentic characters—Hispanic, East Indian (with Indian AND Western attire!), Asian, African American, and more. Plus, our search tool makes it easy to sort by ethnicity.

Conversation Ready

Find multiple gestures and emotions. Portray realistic conversations and real-world scenarios, from water cooler chatting to important job tasks. Conversational scenarios are a highly engaging way to show the consequences of different actions, from bad customer service to poor interpersonal communication.

Advanced Search

Filter searches by keywords and categories. Find the models and attire you want faster than ever. Just one more way we help you cut down on development time!

Different Resolutions

Download the right size for your projects and import them into any authoring tool. Even Goldilocks would be satisfied with our selection.

I find the cutout people to be invaluable when creating eLearning scenarios.

eLearning User
Minnesota, USA

I love, love, love the cutout people!

eLearning User
California, USA

Check out our cutout people in action!

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