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Icon Library

Clearly & quickly communicate ideas with learners.

A good set of icons can help you keep your course clean and consistent.

The use of iconography is common in many types of training presentations, eLearning courses, infographics, and data visualizations. Using icons can help you highlight key areas of information and guide your learners through the course.

A good icon provides a quickly comprehensible symbol representing an idea, tool, function, or file type. An icon’s minimal, visual portrayal of concepts is often more effective than photos or complex illustrations.

The ELB Learning icon library is packed with professionally-designed, royalty-free icons covering all your development needs. You can easily download and import them into any authoring tool!

50+ Categories

Quickly find everything you need with over 50 categories and multiple styles for every icon. The search capabilities make it easy to find the perfect icon for your eLearning course or presentation.

This library will have you saying, “You get an icon! You get an icon! Everyone gets an icon!”

Plug 'N' Play

Download PNG, SVG, EPS, or PDF files that are ready for your digital tools and applications. Plop them into PowerPoint and do a little editing, or use them in your favorite eLearning authoring tool. (We recommend Lectora®, but we might be a little biased…)

Icons work perfectly in the industry-leading authoring tools.

35+ Styles

Give your eLearning a consistent look and feel with icon sets that come in multiple styles. Never hunt for a missing icon again—each style has everything you need.

Editable Vectors

Edit and resize SVG and EPS (vector) files to any size without loss of quality. Vectors are not merged and have preserved shapes. Easily edit anchor points and change fill colors to match your brand.

You don’t even need a fancy editing program to do this! Watch how easy it is to import and edit SVGs in PowerPoint.

When you need visuals as awesome as your learning content, the Asset Library delivers. Get a free trial now.

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