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Lectora® Desktop21

Reimagined. Redesigned.

Rethinking the Way You Author eLearning.

Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose.

Rapid Modular Development

Introducing ModDev!

Cut your course development time in half with ready-made instructional design frameworks.

Mobile-Ready Themes & Style Packs

Customize once. Blast it across your organization for scalable, effective eLearning.

Interactive Wireframe Templates

Dive into a new library of templatized interactions—ready to drop into your course!

REDUCE. Introducing ModDev!

Cut your course development time in half with ready-made instructional design frameworks.

REUSE. Mobile-Ready Themes & Style Packs
REPURPOSE. Interactive Wireframe Templates

You Spoke. We Listened.

All New UI & UX

A Modernized Interface—Chosen by YOU!

Expect an improved user interface & experience based on usability testing and xAPI data

Access templates and assets easily

Find any object within your project quickly

Professional Results Now Easier & Faster.

Interaction Starters

Automated Button States—Excite Learners with Button Actions

Apply an automated visited and selected state for buttons

Include conditional actions based on button states

Add a button action to any image

Scrolling Actions—
Get Creative with Interactions!

New object action trigger

Scroll in and out of view

Vertical Scrolling Course Sample

Scrolly Course

Highlight a key point, make a transition, or tell your learner what to do next.
A woman in pink pants and a white shirt.

Wisdom.... comes not from age, but from education and learning.

- Anton Chekhov

Explore More...

Use this default landing space to grab attention and introduce the subject. Include instructions for what to do next.
Step 01
Use this layout to walk learners through a sequential process.
Step 02
Consider your learner's experience level as you write your steps.
Step 03
Ask: what does the learner need to know or do with this information?
Step 04
Keep each step brief and use active voice.
Step 05
Use parallel sentence structure for each step.

Compare These

Use this layout to introduce or compare three related topics.
Describe the second topic here. Use a sentence or two, or break your text into a few brief bullet points.
Describe the third topic here. Be sure to use this space the same way across all three topics.

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Content 01
Content 02
Content 03
Content 04

Knowledge Check

Use this area to tell your learner what to do next.
This slide is a multiple select knowledge check featuring text.
You can add your question here.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Use this multi-purpose layout for summarizing key points.
It works well for presenting sequential steps.
This layout is also ideal for listing learning objectives.
Try adding item numbers or decorative symbols as bullets.
Improved Media Event Sync—
Enjoy easier control of media actions

Where Creativity Meets Efficiency.

A Better Design Experience

Save & Import Custom Color Palettes

Create a consistent brand—and reuse it

Visual Style Preview

See style and text variable changes as you work

Better Guides and Rulers

Adjust for different mobile views.

Enable rulers and snap to guides automatically.

A Better Experience for EVERY Learner.

Accessibility & Media Updates

Text to Speech Lexicon

Specify pronunciation of words or acronyms - and save it!

Greater Control of Closed Captioning

Enable and disable the closed caption background

Select color for audio CC background

Allow learners to adjust the media playback speed

Compliance-Friendly Media Controls

Prevent the learner from "seeking" ahead on the player

Allow learners to control the pace without skipping material

Drive Better Outcomes Using Data.

Tracking & Assessment Updates

xAPI Context Enhancements—Track learner actions and behaviors
Improved Assessment Feedback—Set “Correct Answer” Action to provide supporting feedback

Your Wish Came True!

Communication Update

The popular “Mail-to” action is back

Solicit feedback or share course data or completion information

Lectora® Desktop21

Reimagined. Redesigned.

Rethinking the way you author eLearning.

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