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IT Cosmetics Gamified LMS for Product Sales Training

A gamified Learning Management System used to educate and immerse sales associates.


IT Cosmetics is a leading makeup and skincare brand under the L’Oréal Group developed with clinical insights from cosmetic surgeons, plus ingredient and skincare expertise from dermatologists.


IT Cosmetics, a division of L’Oréal, wanted to implement a gamified, reward-driven Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) to fully immerse employees in their brand and mission. They also wanted to celebrate their global presence and focus on customer touch points around the world.

Strategy & Solution

We fully customized our LMS, Motivate Cloud, to create an engaging, brand-specific learning journey for their team. The IT Cosmetics Global LMS is an interactive, game-based training platform that educates sales associates around the globe with micro modules, games, points, badges, and tangible rewards.

When employees login they are greeted by a whimsical animation that showcases a variety of IT Cosmetics products and geographies. Then, they are presented with a unique passport that includes all of their personal information, level of accomplishments, and available badges.

After viewing their player profile, learners are introduced to a learning journey that includes:

  • online and Instructor led courses that utilize micro slides and videos
  • reinforcement games
  • an interactive education (EDU) manual

While the modules and games are designed to teach and test employees, the EDU manual provides on-the-fly information about the brand and products. To further engage learners, IT Cosmetics uses the community feature so employees can learn and collaborate with others about what they know. Learners can ask questions and share expertise in a safe and searchable environment. This learning community combines both formal and informal learning by connecting employees with experts around the globe while always keeping them knowledgeable about company announcements and new product launches.

We also created an amazing VR experience for IT Cosmetics using the CenarioVR platform to ensure that their sales team was fully immersed in the IT Cosmetics world.


This program rolled out in stages but was soaring high by late 2019, just as all in-person training came to a halt due to the pandemic. As the pandemic lasted, ELB Learning and IT Cosmetics added more and more product application demos and features like an “Immersive Restore Room,” where learners are encouraged to take a mindful pause, relax and complete yoga instruction.

Today, the centerpiece of The Journey is the Virtual Reality courseware, which is made up of several immersive rooms, each with its own product line: Make Up, Skin Care, and Restore. Everything on the platform is sound bite information designed to give reps the confidence to speak with consumers about IT Cosmetics products.
The program is called the journey because we never arrive at a destination; we’re always learning.

For the past 2 years, IT Cosmetics has used this training program as their only tool to educate open-sell environment sales reps. Today, IT Cosmetics is L’oreal’s best selling product in Sephora, ULTA, and QVC. And over the past 2 years, IT Cosmetics has seen a 21% growth in sales in comparison to an average industry growth of 3%.

In 2023 they plan to add video coaching to the program as a train the trainer functionality.

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