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Fendi’s Immersive Learning Solutions for In-Store Employees

Health, Safety, and Security Training for In-Store Employees

The number of people receiving our training before the program was launched, I would say was lower than 20%. In some cases, even if they received training, we were not able to implement it after 6 months as we have now completely changed the staff.


Video Interact, a division of Transition Associates, specializes in video content and immersive learning solutions for diverse L&D needs. Also a partner of eLearning Brothers, and UK-based distributor of CenarioVR and Lectora, Video Interact was commissioned by Italian luxury fashion house Fendi to create and deliver training solutions for their in-store retail staff covering health, safety and security topics including fire hazards, evacuation, terrorism, theft, and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


With over 1800 customer-facing staff, speaking 11 languages at 280 stores worldwide, a standardized and efficient way to develop employees’ ability to manage critical situations was sorely needed.

Between high employee turnover and the challenges of training a globally dispersed staff in-person to handle health, safety, and security protocol, in-person training was too expensive and inefficient, especially during a pandemic. Moreover, Fendi needed the training to be standardized and easy to view quickly and conveniently for a constantly changing staff.

Strategy & Solution

Nine video training modules were created, each addressing real-world in-store challenges. All nine modules were embedded within Lectora Online as a mobile microlearning course. However, one of the nine modules embedded in Lectora was created differently with CenarioVR, a VR authoring tool. For this particular module addressing in-store theft, 360-degree video was used to create an immersive environment where employees could spot shoplifting risks in their retail store.

For the security portion of the course, employees had to physically move on-screen images of different locations in the store to spot shoplifting risks, such as open drawers and unattended dressing rooms to develop employees’ spatial awareness.

All nine microlearning modules were delivered to employees’ smartphones, making it easy to consume them during slow periods on the retail floor. Since filming took place at one of Fendi’s flagship stores, the content was relevant and authentic.

Completing all nine modules took retail employees only 40 minutes to complete, making it easy to get the global sales associates trained quickly.


The training received rave reviews and was a win for all stakeholders. Standout results include:

  • The course reached 80% of its target audience globally within 6 months of launch
  • Since implementation, thefts were down by 55% in number and 40% in value
  • The course garnered remarkable success in ROI - at 400%
  • Measurable engagement was also recorded with xAPI using CenarioVR's Platform

The L&D strategy & solution also received several industry awards and accolades:

  • Winner, 2021 LearnX Awards Platinum 
  • Gold - Excellence in Learning, 2021 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards
  • Finalist, 2021 Learning Impact Award
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