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Lundbeck Gamified App

Evaluating and improving sales rep comprehension through a gamified app.


Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company specialized in developing innovative treatments for brain diseases.


Great Minds, Greater Purpose is a game-based app that was created to help pharmaceutical sales reps prepare for their upcoming sales meeting.

Strategy & Solution

This gamified app allowed Lundbeck to evaluate their sales reps knowledge in advance of their national sales meeting and provide them with a suite of coursework and activities to improve their comprehension. The theme for this campaign was a mountain climbing challenge in which learners were asked to reach the summit aligned with the sales meeting event.

The content focused on two different drugs across five different sales groups. The reps used their iPads to access all the training content. Each group was tasked with completing multiple stops along a path and up a mountain. Each stop included PDFs, games, activities, videos, and other training material.

The games featured in the app were licensed from The Training Arcade® platform, a DIY game-authoring tool. Scenarios, a branching dialogue game, allowed the sales reps to role play with virtual doctors. They had to choose how they would respond to a doctor based on different conversations they may encounter when trying to convince the doctor to start prescribing their new drug. Sort-It, a grid style game requiring multi-levels of thinking, helped sales reps decipher between different probes. Recall, a game about visual learning and memorization, trained sales reps on different patient journeys and treatments using visual aids, that disappeared after a short time, challenging the reps to recall what they saw by answering questions pertaining to the visuals.

Each stop along the sales rep’s path was tracked to ensure completion before arriving at the actual meeting. Each game captured scores and included leaderboards to drive friendly competition and motivate the learners to replay games and spend more time with the content if they were not satisfied with their initial scores.


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