NEW! Upgraded Translations, New Integrations, & MORE!

Expect a better translation workflow with XLIFF (.XLF). Other updates include 1-click publishing to more learning platforms and much more.

Read Between the Lines: A Better Authoring Experience

Translations just got easier! XLIFF (.XLF) Is now fully supported, and simplified for translation in tools such as CafeTran!

New 1-Click Publishing Options

Directly publish to more platforms! Instantly push content to Docebo®, The Rockstar Learning Platform, The Training Arcade®, and Arcades™.

Publish Directly to Docebo ®

Publish your Lectora courses directly to the Docebo® Content Library right from the publishing menu.

Publish to the Rockstar Learning Platform with just a click!

Sign up for a FREE Rockstar Learning Platform account to publish UNLIMITED Lectora courses directly to your platform.

Add an activity to Arcades™

Publish your SCORM content as an activity within your Arcades, such as a Task, Mission, or Journey (subscription required).


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