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A collection of our creation apps to create engaging and immersive learning experiences—all in one place.

Create. Innovate. Motivate.

Single Login, Dashboard, & Pricing

Easily access the most popular learning apps with a single login and subscription.

Create Immersive Learning Experiences

From games and VR to video coaching and mobile learning—leverage 7+ learning apps to create experiences.

Publish & Share Everywhere

Publish and share on your favorite learning platforms.

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The brandon hall group technology excellence award.

Award-Winning Platform!

Brandon Hall Group Gold Technology Excellence Award 2023.

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7+ Learning Creation Apps

Templates & Stock Assets

Community Resources


User Administration

Single Dashboard Login

Learning Apps Available In The Learning Creation Studio

Games & Gamification

11 game templates and the ultimate virtual gamified learning environment that celebrates your top learners with prizes, badges, learning journeys, and global leaderboards.

Virtual Reality

Easily create 360° of immersive and interactive VR experiences and deliver anywhere and on any device. VR headset not required!

Video Coaching

A proven video and audio-based coaching platform that empowers employees to improve their job performance by mastering their communication and soft skills.

Course Authoring

The most powerful authoring tool for creating responsive and interactive learning content that includes an online, responsive course review tool.

More Than Just Great Apps

Templates & Assets

Millions of digital assets (course templates, stock images, icons, video, audio, and cutout people) that empower your training creations to look their best.

180M+ Stock Assets
200K+ Icons
115K+ Cutout Characters
3,500+ Learning Templates
9,000+ PowerPoint Templates & Graphics

Community Resources

In our inclusive and engaging ELB Learning Community you get to ask questions, share knowledge, and meet fellow learners and educators.


Plans starting as low as $117/mo

with an annual subscription paid upfront.
Get started today with learning apps to create engaging and immersive experiences. The more apps your subscribe to, the more you save!
5 Ways
Immersive Learning Can Improve Your Training

The Studio by ELB Learning can help learners:

1. Improve Knowledge Retention

According to a PwC study, when employees use virtual reality (VR), they are 3.75X more emotionally connected to their training, resulting in more memorable and meaningful experiences.

Research proves learners engaged in immersive learning are more likely to apply what they’ve learned and retain those skills for longer periods of time. Leverage immersive eLearning to boost knowledge retention and break Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve!

2. Practice Real-Life Scenarios

With VR and game-based training, learners are presented with real-life scenarios that will challenge their problem-solving skills.

Whether it’s a salesperson learning how to overcome objections or a customer service representative practicing how to handle a difficult customer, VR and game-based training help learners transfer newly learned skills when on-the-spot and on-the-job.

3. Fail Safely When Learning

Training with VR and learning games provides a safe environment for learners to develop conditioned responses, problem-solving skills, and muscle memory without the risks and consequences of making mistakes in real-life situations.

According to a PwC study, VR learners are 275% more confident in applying their skills after training. When you increase confidence and improve decision-making skills, you reduce the risk of accidents and expensive errors. Not only does failing safely protect workers, it saves money. Win. Win.

4. Enjoy Learning

Yes, we said it—training should be enjoyable. Video-based practice, VR, games, and well-designed eLearning courses can make training fun. And when the training is fun, knowledge sticks!

Engaged learners are less resistant to training and more motivated to participate.

5. Become Motivated to Learn

We’re all more motivated to accomplish activities that are fun and rewarding. Awards, prizes, achievement badges, and seeing their name at the top of the leaderboard excites learners.

We aggregated anonymous data of over 2,500 games in The Training Arcade® and saw learners played an average of 1.7 times and 57% of players played games 3 times or more. The more they play, the more they learn!

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