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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT/ILT)

Include VILT events within customized training programs. Plus, give learners credit for attending.

With new technology to create online training, companies are shifting their in-person, instructor-led training (ILT) to a virtual venue. But it can be challenging for managers to integrate events into their training program and give employees credit for attending live training. The Rockstar Learning Platform’s live event calendar and completion code features combine virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and events with your existing online training program and track employee attendance. 

Manage VILT Events in a Live Calendar

The Rockstar Learning Platform integrates with most virtual event management applications. Its live event calendar gives learners a single calendar view of their enrolled Zoom meetings, Slack calls, WebX sessions, and other VILT/ILT events. Moreover, since events are also reflected on learners’ calendars outside the Rockstar Learning Platform, it’s easy to RSVP and attend each session. 

Document VILT Attendance

Unlike an ordinary virtual meeting, the Rockstar Learning Platform adds a layer of accountability to distance learning by requiring learners to submit a completion code before they receive credit for the event. If administrators require a completion code, instructors could provide this code during the meeting so that only those who attended could get credit for the event. Completion codes help formalize virtual events within an on-demand or self-paced curriculum. 

Add VILT to Learning Paths

Live events and other ILT/VILT can be added in the Rockstar Learning Platform to courses and learning paths. This means: 

  • Learners can receive credit for ILT/VILT on their training transcripts
  • ILT/VILT can be required as prerequisites for other courses, or they can require prerequisite training before learners attend the event. 
  • Administrators and learners can track their progress through their enrolled learning path.
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