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Try Integrated Games and Arcades

See what you can do with games and arcades using a demo account from The Training Arcade™ in the Rockstar Learning Platform.

Try Teaching Through Games

There are many advantages to using training games for boosting employee performance on the job. However, it can be challenging to convince stakeholders and employees that training games are a viable way to teach. With the Rockstar Learning Platform’s new Training Arcade Game and Arcades™ demos, you can try out training games, leaderboards, and other gamification tools to see if they are the right solution for your team.

Demo Games:

The Rockstar Learning Platform includes several different game types from The Training Arcade™ such as Matching, Sort-it, Scramble, and Jeopardy!®. Visit The Training Arcade™ games page for a full list of games.

Demo Arcade™:

The demo Arcade™ showcases how leaderboards and reporting can boost engagement with training content.

For more information about the demo modules, visit Try Game and Arcade™ Demos from the Training Arcade™.

Already have a Training Arcade™ account? Go to How to Integrate the Training Arcade with the Rockstar Learning Platform for more information on integrating your accounts. Go to Uploading and Editing a Game or Arcade™ to learn more about adding a Game or Arcade™ module to the platform.

Visit our Training Arcade™ overview page for more information about purchasing a subscription.

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