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Set the Learner's UI to Their Language

Change the Language of the Learner’s Interface & Boost Productivity for Admins

Localize the Learner’s Interface 

Now admins can “speak” the language of their learners. Just head to the enterprise settings and make it happen! Change the UI of the learner portal, in-app notifications, and emails to any of 6 languages: English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, or Thai.

Admins can now enjoy even MORE productivity boosters: 

  • Edit users on the fly! Enterprise and office admins can now modify the user’s first name, last name, and email address with ease. 
  • Speed is everything! Expect faster processing when you add, edit, or delete users in batches. Plus, you can import or update up to 2,000 users in one shot!
  • More sorting options! Courses and modules are now sorted based on the re-enrolled date in the enrolled tab.
  • And so much more!


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