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Set Due Dates to Automate Training Reminders

Administrators can set due dates for courses and modules. Plus, automated "due soon" and "past due" reminders can be set based on training deadlines.

Use Due Dates to Help Employees Keep Track of Their Training

What training do I need to complete? When was it due? Did I complete all of my training for the month?

Managers are often expected to keep employees up to date on their training, but their brains could be freed up to focus on other tasks. The Rockstar Learning Platform lets you use automated due dates to communicate deadlines without lifting a finger. This feature allows administrators to send automated “due soon” and “past due” reminders for courses and modules.

Communicate Training Deadlines With Automated Due Dates

Administrators can now set due dates for courses and modules on the Rockstar Learning Platform. These due dates are set per learner or group of learners rather than per course, so learners enrolled in the same course/module could have different due dates. A colored clock icon will appear on courses/modules with due dates indicating when the course is past due (red), due soon (yellow), or not due for at least a week (green). Though learners will still be enrolled in the course/module after the due date, the Completion Report will record if and when the course was completed on time.

Automate Training Reminders with “Due Soon” and “Past Due” Notifications

Rather than constantly having to remind learners when their training is due, administrators can set up 3 automated “due soon” and 3 “past due” notifications. Learners will automatically receive emails and/or in-app reminders based on their unique due dates without having to set up individual reminders.

To learn more about due dates and automated reminders, visit How to Set Enrollment Due Dates and Due Date Notifications for Courses and Modules.

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