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Learner Activities, Task Lists, and Evidence Uploads

Transfer virtual training to on-the-job performance. Verify skills learned by documenting evidence of progress.

Turn Knowledge into Capabilities with Learner Activities

A common criticism of online training programs is that they cannot provide the same kind of practice opportunities or coaching required for hands-on tasks. However, the Rockstar Learning Platform’s Learner Activities can provide practice for employees to develop both virtual and hands-on skills. These activities allow instructors and supervisors to guide employees step-by-step through a real-world task, review evidence of how the employee did on the task, and assess their knowledge related to the task. 

Coach and Evaluate with Task Lists and Evidence Uploads 

The Rockstar Learning Platform allows administrators to add Learner Activities to most types of training mediums such as videos, virtual instructor-led training, static PDFs, and traditional SCORM or xAPI eLearning. These activities appear beside the training module in the Rockstar Learning Platform and include:

  • Descriptions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Surveys
  • Task lists
  • Rating questions
  • Short answer questions
  • URL requests
  • File uploads. 

Coach Learners with Descriptions and Task Lists

Instructors can add a text-entry description to an activity to provide additional instructions or complementary information about training. They can also add interactive task lists that learners can check off as they complete an activity. By using task lists, learners can be prompted to complete a collection of tasks corresponding to real-world practice as they review non-interactive information like videos or PDFs.

Prove Real-World Proficiencies with Evidence Uploads

It can be difficult for remote instructors to provide feedback on how well a hands-on task was done or to verify that the task was complete. The Rockstar Learning Platform allows instructors to request learners to upload proof that they completed a task using a URL or file upload. These uploads are most commonly video or multimedia files where learners demonstrate their new skills for instructors or supervisors to evaluate.

Evaluate Learners with Quizzes or Surveys

Knowledge is retained more when learners have to engage with the content rather than passively consume it. Survey questions, rating questions, and short answers can be added as Learner Activities to engage learners and reinforce static content. Scored multiple-choice questions can also be added to determine if the learner has understood the training. 

To get started with Learner Activities, visit our KnowledgeBase article.

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