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Harness The Power of Data Delivered on Time

Scheduled Reports, Dashboard, Filters, and More!

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with the New Reports feature.

Now conveniently accessible within the administration panel of the Rockstar Learning Platform, this feature is designed to elevate the user experience and provide swift, detailed insights.

Enhanced Report Speed

No more waiting around with the instant report generation. Its ability to scale dynamically ensures that even the most extensive reports are generated quickly.

Scheduled Reports

Automate the generation and delivery of critical data. Easily schedule any report, along with its specific filters, directly from the Reports screen. All of your scheduled reports can be conveniently managed within the Scheduled Reports Dashboard.

Tracked Analytics on The Dashboard

With the new Dashboard, trends are presented for the amount of logins, course enrollments, course completion, new users, and many more!

Effortless Filtering and Searching

Tailor to meet the unique needs of each report with our advanced filter and search options. Reports respond instantly to your filtering and searching actions, allowing you to find the data you need with ease.

Seamless Data Export

Take your data wherever you need it! Export reports in .XLSX and .CSV formats for further analysis or integration into other tools. Plus, your exports include the filters that you’ve applied, providing a smooth transition to external applications.

This and many more updates are available. See all the release notes here. 
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To leverage the new reports and get the best visuals, we recommend a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 and Chrome Version 115 or higher or Safari Version 16 or higher.

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