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Create a peer-to-peer training program by sharing knowledge and learning content throughout your organization.

Though formal training courses are an important part of upskilling employees, on-the-job experience and mentorship play a more significant role in training. As workplaces shift to online work spaces, it can be challenging to provide mentorship and peer-to-peer learning that once happened organically in a physical office. The Rockstar Learning Platform’s Channels feature allows employees to contribute to online training programs and share their subject matter expertise across their organization. 

Create a Social Learning Environment with Channels 

The Rockstar Learning Platform’s “Channels” provides a virtual place for peers to create and share content. Channels function as a playlist of courses created by subject matter experts that can be shared to individuals or groups within an organization. They can be accessed separately or integrated with other courses in a learning path. System administrators can view, edit, and manage all content posted and shared in Channels. 

Reduce Content Clutter by Designating Contributors and Viewers

In order for a user to access a Channel, they need to be invited. Invited users can share expertise, tips, and best practices to help others develop skills. The Rockstar Learning Platform’s learner groups feature lets administrators assign Contributor permissions so that only specific users can add content to a Channel. 

Once your learner groups are set up with assigned contributors and viewers, experts in the organization can share helpful content on the fly. To activate this awesome feature, follow this step-by-step guide in the KnowledgeBase.

"Contribute” & Share Multimedia Content

Employees that are granted permission to share content in a Channel can add content by selecting the “Contribute” button directly in the Channel. This will open the Rockstar Learning Platform’s built-in content authoring tool. This tool allows contributors to add text boxes, upload images and videos, CenarioVR® environments, and Training Arcade® games. Since the Rockstar Learning Platform automatically transcribes uploaded videos, captions for audio narration can be enabled and translated to different languages.

To see Channels and the “Contribute” in action view a quick demo video or dive deeper within our blog article.

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