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Cancel Event RSVP's

Administrators can cancel learners’ event RSVP’s, and learners can cancel their own RSVP’s.

How to Cancel Your Event RSVP

Sometimes people need to cancel their RSVP for an event, so the Rockstar Learning Platform will let both admins and learners make these changes. Giving learners the option to cancel their RSVPs will provide presenters with an accurate attendee count, open up unused seats for events, and ensure that only learners who attended the event “complete” the module (i.e. marked as “done”).

How Admins Cancel RSVPs for Event Modules

Administrators can cancel learners’ event module RSVP’s by simply locating the event and learner in the Reports tab and selecting the “Cancel RSVP” button.

To learn more, go to Admin RSVP Users for Events and Cancel Users RSVPs.

How Learners Cancel RSVPs for Event Modules

If a learner accidentally RSVP’d for an event or can no longer attend, they can cancel their RSVP from the event module’s page without the assistance of an administrator.

To learn more, go to How do Users RSVP or Cancel Their RSVP for an Event Module?

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