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Automatically Renew Enrollments for Recurring Training

Automatically renew learners’ course enrollment and receive reporting for each period.

Organizations frequently require employees to complete annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly training to comply with company guidelines or government regulations. Rather than having to manually re-enroll learners in these courses every time, the Rockstar Learning Platform allows administrators to set up automatic recurring enrollments up to 999 days after the start of each enrollment period. This will allow administrators to automatically re-enroll learners in any courses that are required yearly, monthly, or other specific time intervals.

Sync Due Dates with Recurring Enrollments

Save even more time by using The Rockstar Learning Platform’s new Due Dates feature alongside recurring enrollments to automatically send “due soon” and “past due” notifications. These notification settings are tied to enrollment dates, so they would be automatically reset for each new enrollment period.

For more information about setting up recurring enrollments, go to Setting Auto-Recurring Enrollments.

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