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NEW! Practice and Receive Feedback in 6 more Languages

Plus, expect easier navigation between scenarios on mobile devices.

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Text Analysis Upgrade: Multi-Language Support

Automatically detect the language spoken and have it transcribed. Just start speaking English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, or Korean - and have it instantly converted into text.

Based on the presence of keywords (determined by the mentor), the student’s assignment progress could be gated (paused) by the mentor and altered accordingly. For example, the user may have to redo the recording if they do not use the required number of words. Learners can also select “View Transcript” to see target keywords highlighted.

Time-saver! New Buttons Provide Easier Navigation on the Mobile App

Navigate between scenarios without the hassle of returning to the main page even if the navigation is hidden. New buttons such as “Next Scenario” or “Previous Scenario” on iOS and Android devices make it easy!


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