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Give learners direct access to the iOS mobile app with dynamic links and so much more.

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Introducing Dynamic Links & MORE

Dynamic Links: Give Learners Direct Access to the iOS Mobile App
  • Learners will now be directly routed to their installed iOS mobile app (instead of their browser) when sent email notification links, assignment links, auto-assign links, and scenario direct links. Dynamic links are coming soon to Android!

NEW! Mentor Notifications for Learner Responses
  • A “push” notification for the iOS app alerts mentors when a learner's response needs review. Coming soon to Android!
2 Convenient Buttons Added*: Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
  • Now you can navigate between scenarios without having to return to the main Assignment page - even when navigation is hidden (e.g. launching assignments from an LMS).
  • *These buttons are only available from the web - coming soon to iOS & Android
New Location for Scenario Direct Links
  • Scenario direct links will now only be available from the assignment (in lieu of the scenario or program)
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