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Generative AI Policy

With the ever-evolving need to improve employee education, ELB Learning strives to constantly enhance the tools and technology we provide you. Generative AI is at the very forefront of our current software development initiatives. Today, we are deploying generative AI in our L&D apps to help you dramatically elevate the engagement experience for learners and to reduce the content authoring time. At ELB Learning, we are committed to following these five principles:

  1. CONTROL: Our authoring tools permit an administrator to either set organizational controls on AI usage within the app or to direct ELB Learning to set such permissions on your behalf. Depending on the specific app, we also empower authors and administrators in real-time with the option to use or not use generative AI features. 
  2. TRANSPARENCY: We will be upfront on the generative AI providers we deploy in our authoring tools and the corresponding features. For a list of the generative AI providers we deploy along with links to their terms of services and usage policies, contact us at the email address below. Please remember that you remain responsible for using the tools in ways that comply with the AI provider terms and policies as well as the usage rules we delineate. 
  3. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Customer confidential information uploaded as AI prompts is not used to train the large language models of the AI providers we use, nor do the AI providers obtain any ownership rights to that information. It is important to know that certain of our AI tools do require you to upload confidential and proprietary information in order for our service to create and maintain a generative AI profile and thereby accelerate course development time based on the information you provide. Because AI-related laws are evolving, please do not upload sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information as prompts or inputs to the AI features unless expressly approved by your company.
  4. PERSONAL DATA: Except where we specifically notify you in an application, no personal data is uploaded to generative AI providers without prior notice. 
  5. AUTHOR AND LEARNER NOTIFICATION: Our authoring tools also proactively prompt authors to review their work, and provide recommendations on required learner notification. 

While generative AI is transforming work and productivity, the technology, and how we are learning to use it, is still new. Here are a few important reminders:

  • AI is fallible: generative AI, while powerful, is not perfect. It does produce content that may be inaccurate, biased, or contextually inappropriate. Authors must exercise critical judgment and not primarily rely on the AI feature’s outputs without careful verification. Always have humans experienced in the task at hand carefully verify the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content. 
  • You are responsible for adherence to your company’s policies: When using the generative AI functionality in our apps, you must determine that the AI features adhere to your company's AI policies as well as the terms and usage guidelines set forth by each AI provider. 
  • Employment and automated decision-making: never use generative AI to make automated or high risk decisions, including but not limited to employment-related decisions. Using the AI features in a way that is compliant with applicable, evolving laws is the responsibility of each subscriber.

For more information about the specific AI used in ELB Learning tools, please email